Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Sunday, July 24, 2011

It's Raining Men - Part 2

This post is a reply to questions Vanessa from
Van's Doll Treasures posed in my previous post
Vanessa asked
"Are they short men?"
"How do they measure up to the women?" 
Well Vanessa, 
What do you think?
Couple No. 1 

Couple No. 2 

 Couple No. 3 

Couple No. 4 

All the men are from ES Toys.
From my research ES stands for Ever Sparkle.
These men are most likely from 2002-2003
Thanks Vanessa for the idea!  Had fun trying to 
put the couples together.  The only problem I had was 
getting their boots off.


  1. I would say they measure up quite nicely! Thanks for the post. Love your pictures. Very nice scene. It is nice to see your dolls in action. Thanks for the blog link, too.

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  3. Now before someone goes and bid away on ebay, I think you picture taking many give a different impression than the male dolls would in person! I personal have most of the males posted. I had to do a double take when I looked at the pictures because I knew their size. Like what??? They are all shorter that Barbie. Some by a little like Joes and some by a lot. In some of the shots the male is futher back and Barbie is forward. This give the feel of a taller man. The male in Couple No. 2 is the same size as Francie. I complained to the seller who sold me him after recieving the doll. He quoted as height-12" and it was not his true measurement or I would have not purchused him. So he sent me a few dollars back. The guy in Couple No. 2 is a teen in my dolly town because of his size.I really think you are trying to show just how nice these guys are. They are really great guys to add to your collection. We all kinda look to each other for info on the dolls we don't have. If you are looking at these males on eBay,know that they are not Ken size.

  4. Ms. Leo, Thanks, I just took out my tape measure and they are all 11 inches tall. I've looked at these males on E-bay and I can get them much cheaper at the Thrift Store and I don't have to pay shipping. (If and when I find them)

    I found an interesting post on the forum

    It talks about the ES neck post design on these men. The info is good to know if you rebody.