Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Zodiac Girlz

Cancer, Zodiac Girlz Doll.  3 Muses LLC  2003. Approximately 9 inches tall. Legs bend.  She is missing her shoes, green pet frog and brown shoulder bag.  Also missing is the red band around her forehead. She came to me barefooted but I found a pair of white sling back flats for her to wear. Didn't want her feet to get cold.    There are 12 dolls in the series, one for each of the Zodiac Signs.  From my research, they were found for awhile in KB Toy Stores in 2003.  Then from what I gather, in 2006, in new packaging you could purchase the dolls from the Zodiac Girlz web site.   I know I could buy a boxed doll from E-Bay, but I love the thrill of the hunt.  Maybe on one of treasure hunting trips I will find my boxed doll. 

You can see a picture of all of the dolls at:

Sour Grapes

My two daughters (now 24 and 20) never got into the Strawberry Shortcake Doll phase.  As a result, I have to look up every doll in that series that I come across.  Sour Grapes is the villianess in Strawberry Shortcake Land. Found Sour Grapes in pretty good condition. She is 8 1/2 inches tall.  Marked American Greetings 1982 on the back of her head.   Dress is removable.  Green gloves are molded onto the arms.  Her shoes as well as her legs are purple and can not come off.  All she is missing is her green snake Dregs. Don't you just love that purple and blue hair!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tribute to Valor - The Women of WWII

Every so often, you can find mint in the box dolls at the Thrift Store.  Little higher price than loose dolls but worth it.   This weekend I found a Tribute to Valor Doll.  The Women of WWII. Also known as Eleanor's Girls.  There are 5 dolls in the series. Nurse Corp, WAAC (Women's Army Auxillary Corp, Rosie the Riverter, WASP(Women's Air Force Service Pilots ), WAVES (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service).
Legacy of Valor, LLC   2004.  
You can still purchase these dolls at the company website:

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Vintage Barbies

It's so nice to have a co-worker who loves garage sales as much as I do.  She lives in another part of the state and we have different collecting interests.  She knows I love Barbies, so one day she brought me in these two dolls she had found.  They were quite dirty, so I cleaned them up and dressed them in what I thought they would look good in.  Francie is missing her eyelashes.  I dressed her in a silver mini dress, white flats, silver necklace and a silver purse.   Malibu Barbie is dressed in an orange Barbie jumpsuit, with silver boots, and added an orange pocket book. Sometime later I found a black fedora type hat with a white band for her.  You really can't see the hat since it blends in with the background. Can't wait to see if she finds anything this weekend!

3 New Dolls

 Besides work being a little crazy today, hearing that Johnny Maestro, lead singer of one of my favorite oldies groups "The Brooklyn Bridge" passed away made me sad, so when leaving for home, I remembered somewhere deep in the recesses of my purse, I still had some Christmas money tucked away. I.thought why not stop at the local department store and treat myself..  So I picked up "I can be  Rock Star Barbie", (I liked the outfit)  A Fashionista Barbie, and a Barbie Basics No. 9. Feeling a lot better.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fashion Fever Barbie

Fashion Fever Barbie 2007 - From the Sweets Collection Wave.
She looks like she just came out of her box.  One of my favorite outfits!

G5 - Fiona

The Get Set Club Dolls
G5 stands for Groovy, Fun, Intelligent, Vibrant, Exciting
5 Dolls in the set were named Gia, Fiona, Isabella, Vanessa, Eva

I found Fiona in her box, she was loose, but her accessories are still attached.
1999   The Get Set Club, Inc. 12 inch Fully poseable doll, bendable knees wrists and elbows. Her toenails are painted blue.   Accessories include sneakers, a blue 2 piece swimsuit, 3d hangtag, personality passport and a secret map of G5 city.
Just discovered on the bottom of one foot it is marked Generation 1 (?).
Box is signed by Jenny Baker and Heather Boyce in Silver marker.
Article called "A Doll's Life"  about  the G5 dolls can be found at:

The Getsetclub website is no longer working.

Snappy - Goodreau LLC

This is Snappy. 8 inches tall.  She was made in 2006 by Goodreau LLC.  I believe she came in 6 different colors and there were 13 different wigs to choose from.  Snappy snaps apart. You could interchange the heads, arms, and legs.  You could make a Rainbow Snappy! The wig is held on by velcro.  She is no longer produced but on the Goodreau website you can still buy outfits for her. When I found her she reminded me of Emerald the Witch Doll from the 70's who is also purple.

  I found Emerald at a garage sale over 25 years ago.  She is missing her hat.   She has lived in my cabinet all these years.

Alex - Lunch at 2 - Madame Alexander

Found Alex a few months ago. Alex is 16 inches tall.  2000 copyright.    She needs some TLC.  Ribbons faded on dress.  Eyelashes need fixing. A stone is missing from one earring.  Still has her stockings, but missing her shoes and pocketbook.  Haven't decided what to do with her yet.  Any ideas?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Scene Nolee

My Scene Nolee was found nude.  She was dressed by me with a no label fashion.  Added the red boots. Wicker type chair and table was picked up at the Thrift store last week along with the fleece rug.

Mattel Danish Modern Furniture

The three pieces of furniture are from the 1958 Mattel Danish Modern Collection.This collection was pre-Barbie.  All are marked Japan.  Found these at the Thrift store all together at a great low price.  Missing were the cushions for the chair and couch.  Whoever had owned this furniture before me kept it in very good condition.
The Barbie in the blue dress I am assuming may be a Fashion Fever.  Found with the blue dress she has on but was missing her shoes.
Update: The Barbie in the blue dress is a Fashion Fever Doll from the Sweets Collection Wave Aqua Party Missing her blue pumps and aqua blue present clutch purse.

Fashionista Barbie

Fashionista Girly Barbie.  Missing her pocketbook and necklace.  Was surprised to find a newer Barbie with clothes in very good condition at the Thrift Store. I love how you are able to pose her.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Language Littles

Language Little Dolls  1999
Sophie from Italy.  She is missing her soccer ball.  Speaks English and Italian. 

Jolie from France.  She is missing her pocketbook.  Speaks English and French. 
They work amazingly well for being 10 years old. 

Madame Alexander Fancy Nancy

Madame Alexander 18 inch Fancy Nancy Doll. She still has her tags.  At work with my Groovy Girls Fancy Nancy Look A Like.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Integrity Doll - Who is she?

Who is she?  On the small of her back and on her head she is marked  Integrity Toys 1996.
The only original accessory I believe is her earrings.  She came to me with her boots, a pair of blue slacks and a short white top.  She doesn't have separated fingers.   Maybe a  Candi Girl?

Unusual Find

Found Ami about a month ago.
Her box is crushed, but was able to open carefully and slide her out to take a picture.
Ami is an advertising doll for Medline Isolation Gowns.  2006

Since I took her out, I decided to take a closer look.  She has earring holes.(no earrings)  Arms are painted green about 3/4 the way to the elbow to represent surgical gloves.  She is a brunette with her hair pulled back into a braid. Under her surgical boots, she has on white heels. Legs do not bend.
 Her body is solid not one of those very thin plastic dolls. 

Ami will stay in her box for now.

Recent find

Groovy Girls - Manhattan Toy Co.
The reason I bought her was that she reminded me of the character "Fancy Nancy" from Jane O'Connors books.  There is a book in the series called "Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy".   Only difference is Frenchy the poodle is white not pink.
Steffi will go to work with me to be with my other Fancy Nancy Doll (another Thrift store find).


     Welcome to my blog.  It's about time I started to blog, but what should I blog about?  My passion at this time is finding dolls at thrift stores, flea markets etc. and giving them a second life in my doll collection.  I usually buy 11 1/2 inch fashion dolls and accessories  but others do creep into my life for one reason or another.  
     I do buy boxed dolls but have this hang-up about taking them out of the box.
Not an expert on dolls, but I do find information about my finds through books and the internet. Being a former librarian does help in the search. 
     Would love to talk to other collectors who would like to share information about a particular doll. 
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