Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Monday, July 18, 2011

Pretty Treasures

I must be losing my mind. When I picked these two items 
up on Saturday, I thought they were recent items that 
I had seen in Walmart within the past six months.
When getting the information on the boxes, I found out they were 
15 years older.  I distinctly remember the Baking Set.
Was I hallucinating or did anyone else 
see the following items recently in stores.
The Wedding Set 

Pretty Treasures 
Made in China. 

The Baking Set. 
From my research these sets came out between 1995-97.
There were 15 other sets I was able to find for sale on E-Bay. 
They are:
Gold Jewelry Set 
Tea Set 
Shoe Collection 
Serving Set
Red Heart Set 
Pearly Jewelry Set 
Picnic Set 
Kelly Feeding Set 
Horse Care Set 
Dining Set 
Kelly Play Set 
Cookware Set 
Vanity Set 
Silver Jewelry Set 
Armoire Gift Set 
Thrift Store find.


  1. There is a current Baking set. Maybe that is what you saw. I haven't seen any recent sets with cakes in them. Another great find!

  2. Thanks Vanessa, it probably is. At least I know I am not losing my mind. LOL.

  3. I love those sets!! I have some of them, including one like your wedding set. I think they are great complements to our collections :D

  4. Vanessa, yes they are fantastic. Especially for collectors who like to work with displays. Would like to get some of the others.

  5. Are you confused with all the Vanessa comments. I know I was when I read my email. I said "I don't remember leaving that message. I had to come and look at the picture to see that it wasn't my message.

  6. No, I realized it was the other Vanessa by the picture.