Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Soccer Barbie and Teresa

Barbie and Teresa 
Original outfits, missing accessories 
Two buttons on their backs to control throwing and kicking
Magnet in hand
Marked on back 1993
Made in Malaysia
Thrift Store find


  1. I am still amazed that you find dolls at the thrift store that have their original clothes, or any clothes for that matter. Are kids just not playing with them, or do you think they are coming from some other source?

  2. Vanessa, I think the girls in this generation play with the dolls for a short time and then just leave them for other things (like technology). For example, the American doll I bought belonged to a 5th grade girl who wanted to buy a Kindle so her mother sold the doll at the Flea Market.
    I know most of the items in the Thrift Store come from charities. The store buys the items from the charities (Purple Heart, etc) and then resell the items. I can see the older (5+ years)dolls coming into the store, but it is amazing to see a lot of newer dolls. Also the amount of dolls that come into the thrift store makes me wonder.

  3. I still see people in the stores buying girls dolls so they do have them.

    Like Vanessa said about the clothes, in may of the thirft stores I go to, the dolls don't have the orignal clothes. Some may have clothes but it is hard to find a doll with clothes and shoes. Nude dolls are about 1-2 dollars. Doll with cothes can be 3-10 dollars. There is a move recently in Christian thrift stores to get rid of any doll that doesn't have clothing. They don't want nude dolls around the store. Can you believe that?

    Away, those are great finds! Congrats!