Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Monday, July 11, 2011

Lee Middleton

Had to go for my bi-weekly appointment to get my medicine at
the doctor's office.  It just  happens that the Thrift Store is not 
that far away and it's 25% off today, so I decided to stop in. 
Got two Barbies which I will post later since they need clothes, 
so I must find something for them to wear. 
While walking around and looking at the back shelf behind the
counter. There she was.  
A Lee Middleton Original 
by Reva 
17 inches tall 
Not sure if it is her original outfit, but I have a feeling it is. 
No certificate, but she is marked on her head, and has a tag on her body. 
 Made in China 
She was marked $4.91 and with 25% off I got her for $3.66
Now that's a bargain. 
They had some other Middleton's but not as beautiful as this one. 
She is not staying at my house for long. 
I am going to adopt her out to my daughter's Mother-In- Law. 
She collects baby dolls and I thought this baby would 
be more comfortable with other babies around.
Thrift Store find.

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  1. I am now on Thrift Store great find overload. Such an amazing find. Glad she will have a good home.