Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Sorry, but haven't been able to post till today. 
I have been under the weather for almost 
2 weeks.  Couldn't get out of bed without feeling sick. 
The past two days I have been feeling somewhat 
better, but not good enough to go doll hunting. 
Today there was an estate sale that had 
vintage Barbie's which I would have loved to go to
but it is not in the cards. :( 

Since I have no new dolls to post about, I found a site 
to purchase dolls online. 
They seem reasonable. Prices are like what you 
would find at the stores here in the U.S. 
They have Barbies, M.H. but couldn't find 
any Liv dolls. 

It's called Toy Country. 
Check out their website at: 

They also have a site on E-bay where they sell their clearance items. 

Their e-bay site is at 

Has anyone purchased any dolls from either of these sites? 

Hope to be back soon. Keep checking every so often for updates.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Jewel Secrets

Jewel Secrets 

Made in Malaysia 
Necklace made in Hong Kong 
24 page storybook inside box 
Gown turns into purse for child.
Original Price 11.95 
Gift from friend.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Princess of Ireland 

Marked 1991 Mattel 
On neck and back 
Made in Indonesia 
Love her green eyes! 
Missing shoes. Hair was put into braid.
Hair needs to be fixed 
Flea Market find.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Perfume Giving Ken

 Perfume Giving 

Made in Malaysia
Notepad Made in Japan
Gift from former co-worker.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Another Lovely Patsy

 Lovely Patsy
11 1/2 inches tall 
Marked on head and back
Lovely Patsy 
Made in China
No date or manufacturer
 What a beautiful face! 
Long straight hair goes down to 
the middle of her back. 
Looks as though she was never played with. 
Just taken out of her box along with her clothes.
She came with many outfits. 
Outfits are not good quality.
 Short green dress
Blue gown
 Print dress
 Teal dress
 Purple dress
 Pink gown
 Orange/gold dress
 Pink dress
 Blue dress
Bag of shoes, purses, tiaras, and
 brush/mirror set. 

Thrift Store find

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fashion Doll Furniture

Yesterday when I went to the 
Thrift Store I found a bag of 
Fashion Doll Furniture. 
Couldn't really tell what was in 
the bag, but for $2.93 how can
you go wrong. 
Most of the pieces are marked Goldlok Toys, 
Made in China. 
One of the pieces is marked 2002, others 
2004 and some not at all. 
From what I can find on the internet, 
Goldlok Toys still makes the doll furniture.
I have never seen the doll furniture sold in my area. 
Can't tell which if any retail stores carry the
items.  Some of the furniture can be 
found on Amazon, E-Bay and other sites. 
You can go to the Goldlok Toys website 
to see what pieces of furniture they manufacture. 

 Living room wall. 
Fireplace lights up and there is a button on the side
to control the crackling sound of the fire.

 This was part of a kitchen island. 
Drawers do not open.
Part of the bedroom set.
 Doors and drawers open 

 Display cabinet. Missing the 5 perfume bottles 
that belong on the middle shelf. 
Press the button on the phone and the phone 
rings and the crystal like animals light up. The 
middle animal spins around if you move the dial. 

 Not sure if this is made by Goldlok.  I can just 
picture this holding a small vase or statue. 

 Grandfather Clock.
Shower, missing the tub. 

The furniture manufactured by Goldlok, now 
comes in pink. :(

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Clawdeen and Howleen Wolf

On Sunday, I read a post by 
(Check out her site!) 
about a Monster High 
Sister Set I didn't even know 
about. I put it on my want list! 
So today, before going to the 
Thrift Store I needed to stop 
at Target to pick up a baby gift. 
Now you know any doll collector
is not going to go into a store without 
checking the doll aisle. 
Lo and behold, there was the Sister Set!

Monster High 
Clawdeen and Howleen Wolf 
Daughters of the Werewolf.

Little sister Howleen 

Howleen's  Pet Hedgehog 
Made in Indonesia 

Target find.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Candy Glam - Summer

Candy Glam 

Made in Indonesia 
Lip Gloss made in China 
There were 3 other dolls in the Candy Glam Series. 
Found over a year ago.
Big Lots find.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Angel

Been slowly cleaning the room where 
I keep all my doll stuff trying to 
organize it.  
Found a doll that I bought 
probably a year ago.
Haven't been finding that many
dolls at the Thrift Store, so I 
thought I would post her.

 Happy Birthday Angel 
Pink Label 
Made in Indonesia 
Says "You're not a perfect angel, 
but you're close! 

When the box is opened 
it plays 
"Heaven Is A Place on Earth"
by Belinda Carlisle 
Music is in the doll stand. 
There were 2 other dolls in this series. 
Big Lots find.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cali Girl Christie

If it wasn't for a lady customer I know who 
I met at the Thrift Store, I might have never 
bought this doll. 
She was on a bottom shelf hidden among all the 
other stuff in the Thrift Store, not in the usual 
spot with the other dolls. 
I was walking down the aisle, when she called to 
me and asked if this is a doll I would want. 
You know what my answer was. 

 Cali Girl 

Made in China 

Thrift Store find.

Just realized this is my 1,000 post on my blog.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Werecat Sisters

Today I felt like my old self again, so 
I decided to go out and do some doll hunting. 
I was surprised to find 

 Monster High 
The Werecat Sisters 
Daughters of Werecats 
Meowlody  and Purrsephone 
Made in Indonesia 



Toy's R Us find. 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

I'm Back

I've been under the weather for 
the past few days. 
Been nursing a sinus infection with 
a touch of vertigo.
I haven't been doll hunting in days, 
so I thought I would at least post 
a doll I already have. 
Great Fashions of the 20th Century 
Groovy 60's
Marked on head and back 
1991 Mattel 
Made in Indonesia 

Not her original outfit, redressed her since 
she was found in her original top and a pair 
of black leather shorts. 

The coat is labeled "Fashion Avenue"
It is from the 1999 Coat Collection 
Exclusive from Toy's R Us. 
Added  boots, sunglasses and purse. 
She has an outfit underneath the coat. 

A great guide to Fashion Avenue Clothes 
can be found at 

Thrift Store find.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Molly McIntire 
American Girl 
Pleasant Company 

18 inches tall 
Molly portrayed a girl from the 1940's 
Marked on head:
Pleasant Company
Glasses are original to the doll.
Dress is not original. 
Dress has a pink Barbie Label. 
It is from the large size Holiday Kelly. 
Thrift Store find.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Birthday Princess

Today is Cecile's Birthday from 

I made a little video for Cecile with a doll 
I found at the Thrift Store today. 

Happy Birthday Cecile! 
May you have many more Happy Birthdays! 

Birthday Princess 
Green Tree Productions 

Recent doll. 
6 inches tall when sitting.
Thrift Store find

Friday, March 2, 2012

A Strange Fellow

Today while I was doll hunting
the only action figure I came across was 

Talking Action Figure 

 12 inches tall
Says 3 different phrases 
Still works
White sweater, pants and glasses are original 
to the action figure. 
There are two holes above the ears where 
the glasses plug in. 
Missing blue jacket, blue shoes and robot. 
Added Ken shirt and black shoes. 
Sweater has some ring around the collar
needs to be washed. 

Marked on back 
2000 Carlton 
Made in China. 

Thunderbirds was a British Supermarionation (Marionettes)  TV Series 
from the 1960's.

Thrift Store find.