Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Wonderful Dolly Day

I had a wonderful Dolly Day with 

Check out their websites, 
Click on their names to view. 

We met at Chynadoll's home. Had pizza, went to the craft store to
pick up some supplies, then the work began. 

This was a learning experience for me. 

I first painted some pots of bushes I had.
(painted the teal pots to gold)
It was great having friends give tips on how to 
paint on plastic.  If I were home alone trying to do this, 
I would have given up. 

This is Donna, 
Chynadoll taught me how to remove all
the hair, and how to flock. Dollz4Moi was there 
helping me. 
Also Chynadoll showed me how she makes 
her doll earrings.  
Chynadoll painted my chair. She gave me the material 
and helped me make a pillow for the chair. 

This is Francesca.
She is a ChynadollCreation! 
Chynadoll gave her to me. 

Donna is loving the new chair. 

It was a fun day.  Learned a lot! You are
never too old to to learn something new. 
I am now a bit more confident that 
I can try some of these new skills on
my own. 
But it's a lot more fun sharing it with doll friends. 

Will be getting together again! 
Pictures will be posted in the future on 


  1. That was great that the three of you got together for some dolly fun. Donna looks pretty. Flocking is fun and it gives the dolls such a different look. Lucky you to get Francesca!

  2. Aww! This seems like a lot of fun. I don't have anyone to playdate with. When I show my dolls to my sisters they just eyeball me and shake their heads.

  3. Georgia Girl, Thanks, It was so nice to get together with doll friends.

    Hey,it's Muff, It was great sharing a day with friends who enjoy dolls as much as you do.

  4. What fun! Hope you all will do it again soon and post picture.

  5. Aw, dollie friends! I want dollie friends. Maybe there should be a for dollie friends...

  6. Hey Frannie, the pics came out great! We had a blast and I am looking forward to our next dollie adventure! Thanks for all the wonderful gifts (Im on a hunt for outfits for my two latest new friends ) I will post pics of them as soon as they are finished.
    Donna looks stunning! Yeah, your first flocking! You were a wonderful student (going to post those pics as well)

    I see Francesca is loving her new home! Love her name btw :)

    Thanks again for a wonderful time
    Dolly Hugs

  7. Hello from Spain: I love how you left the bushes. I do not know what paint to use. What helped you luck Chynadoll and Dollz4. They do an admirable job. I love that you have made ​​and will make the furniture has been so good. We remain in contact blog blog

  8. Limbe, It was so much fun. Now I want to learn the best way to reroot a doll. LOL

    Miss_Lola_77 Great idea, maybe we could come up with a list of doll collectors in different areas.

    Thanks Chynadoll, Had a marvelous time. Can't wait to see your two new dollie friends in their new outfits.
    Donna and Francesca are now fighting over the chair. Will have to get some more furniture done.

  9. Thanks Marta, Chynadoll told me that
    acrylic paints work the best. Chynadoll and Dollz4Moi said that you first put on one thin layer of paint, let it dry awhile, then paint it again until you are satisfied with the results.

  10. Looks like you guys had fun. I want to learn to flock too. I am painting things now but I could sure use some advice. You guys will have to bring your show on the road for our first Philly meeting!

  11. We had a wonderful time! Flocking was really easy. Just scalping Donna was the hard part for a first timer. But as time goes by it should get easier.

  12. Frannie it was great meeting you. I can't wait for our next get together. Do you have pictures of your furniture? I posted the before pics on my blog.

    Love Francesca & Donna :O)

  13. Way to go Frannie! First rebodying, now this! So wonderful that the 3 of you got to spend it together working on doll projects.

  14. Thanks Vanessa, it is a lot more working with dolly friends. Hoping one day you will be able to get up here to Jersey to hang out with us!

  15. This is so wonderful. I would love a day like that.

  16. Reallifeminis, It is so nice to get together with other collectors to share tips and work on projects. Maybe you can find another doll collector in your area to share a dolly day with.

  17. It sound A-W-E-S-O-M-E!! It's always fun to hang out with dolly friend. You are absolutely right when it comes to learning something new but honey, you have learned alot. I haven't yet flocked a doll head yet but I will soon. Love the new dolls too.

  18. Thanks Brini, It was an awesome day and we plan on doing it again. Need to buy some flocking and try it on one of my blond barbies.

  19. I'm glad you ladies were able to have a great time dolling and learning new things. The table and chairs and the soft look wonderful. You're right, we are never too old to learn something new.


  20. Thanks Debbie, We had a lot of fun and hope to do it again soon.