Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Happy New Year!
Went on my last dolly shopping trip of 2011 on Friday. 
Stopped at Toy's R Us and found
they were restocking the shelves.
Saw the Monster High 
Create-A-Monster Pack 
but left it there since the price 
was about 24.00 
Bought some items but will
save for future posts. 
My next stop was to a Wal-Mart 
a little further away than the one 
closest to my home. 
There they also had the 
Create-A-Monster Pack
but the price was 19.88
So there I picked up 
Monster High 
Vampire & Sea Monster 
Starter Pack 
Close up of faces 
Made in China
According to the back of the package 
There is also another starter kit 
Werewolf & Dragon 
Also being sold are 3 different add-on packs 
Three-Eyed Ghoul 

There is only 1 body that comes with the Starter Pack
1 Wig 
2 sets of arms, legs and hands 
2 outfits 
1 pair of shoes. 

Will be kept in the box till I get some of my other 
projects finished and get my dolls organized. 
Also need to change my blog page. 
I thought I would have all the time 
in the world when I retired. 


  1. Wow! That's pretty neat! I hear you on the new projects! I have to get organized as well. Start getting your furniture together to repaint! I feel a repainting coming on :) let me know when your ready to resume our dolly adventures:)

  2. That is cool. I didn't see it at my Walmart nor TRU yet. I am also getting my room organized so that I can blog more. Today was day one.

  3. I'm working on resisting these until yes I get better organized..LOL. There seems to be a theme. I wish they offered the torso to match the other head.

  4. Chynadoll, Yes, I must get organized and get the room straightened out to be able to make some dioramas. So far I got 2 sets together to get repainted. Will message you on FB.

    Georgia Girl, I found out that my TRU restock for Friday morning and you have to get there when they open or they are gone. The Wal-Mart by my house didn't have any Monster High stuff. Wish I had Vanessa's energy to get things done! LOL.

    Dollz4Moi, I am disappointed also that the starter pack only comes with 1 body. But that is Mattel's way of getting you to buy more add on packs.

  5. The Wal-Mart I frequent had both starter packs at $19 each before Christmas so I bought them and the skeleton add on pack. I felt guilty about spending all that money so I didn't buy the insect add on pack but now I wish I had because these sets are really cool! Whatever reservations I had about the big-headed Monster High dolls have fallen by the wayside. I'm now lusting after dolls that I had no interest in before -- Frankie Stein, Goulia Yelps, and Lagoona Blue -- because I want to cannibalize their bodies. I've been busy making wigs for the starter pack sea monster and the skeleton and hope to do a post about them soon. Thanks for posting the TRU price. Now I know not to look for these dolls there.

  6. Limbe dolls, TRU prices are much higher on the MH dolls than Wal-Mart. Even on the single boxed dolls.
    I really like these because it sparks not only creativity in collectors but for children. Each doll that is made is unique. Wonder if Mattel could make a Barbie doll like this. They can have different skin tone packs. Two different bald heads, a body, a wig. Then add on packs with wigs, additional outfits and accessories or additional faces. Are you listening Mattel? I would love to make my own unique Barbie doll since I am not as talented as many people are in repainting and re-rooting their dolls.
    Can't wait to see pictures of the wigs you are making for the MH dolls!

  7. Wow, I am not a MH person, but that is a cool kit. I love seeing people fall in love with things they never imagined they would. To all of you who are getting organized, DON'T TAKE ALL YEAR TO DO IT! Some of you have been getting organized for a long time now. Check my Etsy store next week. I am listing 'energy' for sale. LOL!

  8. I will be looking for that energy in your shop. LOL.

  9. I'm not a MH person either, but I do love the concept. The barbie website had a "customize your own" barbie but it was all very generic options.

  10. Miss_Lola_77, I love the concept of making your own unique doll! I have seen the customize "your own" Barbie on the website. It's nothing like creating your own doll with your two hands.