Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Doll Project

I decided to attempt to try to scalp
a doll all by myself to get her 
ready for a flocking.
Here is how it went

A willing victim

After the first cut

Getting close to the scalp 

Took off her head

Cutting off the prongs 
Tip from Dollz4Moi and Chynadoll 

Head is ready to take off the remaining hair. 

Finished removing hair 
Head is back on body. 

Close up of face. 

I had great teachers!
Thanks Chynadoll and Dollz4Moi!


Do you get the face repainted first 
before flocking?

Haven't purchased the flock yet, would like my fellow 
doll collectors to help decide what color flock 
should I buy? 

There are 31 different colors, should she be conservative, 
or should she go wild?

Help her decide....

Here's the link to the colors 

Also I made an attempt to make a pillow. 
Made this last night when I should have been asleep. 
Eyes are not as good as they used to be.

Didn't turn out well. 
Will have to try and make another 
during the daylight hours. 
Also need to get some ribbon to make
ties to go around the chair.


  1. She has such a pretty face, her make up is pretty so I would go with the color Brownette -602 it would compliment her well. If you are going to attempt to repaint, you should do that first. I'm so proud you and your pillow. That's the funny thing about the creative juices, when the start, they just flow!!

  2. Frannie you did an awesome job. I would think if the face was done 1st or 2nd doesn't matter. I'm no pro so maybe we should wait for a pro to answer

  3. I've never flocked so I am very interested in seeing how this process turns out. I have no idea on colors. I'm weird... I would have to know the doll first before I could pick a hair color, lol.

  4. Wow Frannie, I am totally impressed! You did a fantastic job!! As far as what color to flock her, paint her face first. You should always paint the face first and seal it before you start messing with hair etc. You can also see how her face looks and decide from there what her flock color should be. Looking at her eyes and lip color should help you decide. Great job!

  5. Brini, Thanks, I want to give her a completely different look. Will see what turns out.

    Thanks Dollz4Moi, It was fun trying to get the hair out. I did much better than on Saturday. As they say practice makes perfect.

    Hey,It'sMuff, It is a lot easier than it looks. You just need the right tools (manicuring scissors, tweezers) I most likely won't repaint her myself.

    Chynadoll, Thanks, I had great teachers! I am going to have to get you to repaint her for me and then decide on the color. I am not going to try to learn to repaint. The numbness is back in my fingertips because of the cold weather.

  6. Great job Frannie. You are well on your way. That is one of my favorite facemolds. I love Theresa. She is very pretty as is. I can't wait to see her and the table set finished.

  7. Our local Michaels craft stores sell flocking in the scrapbooking section--I personally like to be able to touch and shake the bottles myself before I buy them;)

    But as you choose colors, remember she's a Theresa headmold and a lot of them are brunette. I'd go with something bold myself:D

  8. Hello from spain, to be your first pillow it was nice. Only a little crooked. The color of the doll do not know what to say. I never did anything like that but i´m looking forward to seeing your result. Best advice you Chynadoll which is the one who really knows all that. Keep in touch

  9. Thanks Vanessa, Can't wait to get some flock to finish the job. The kitchen set will take awhile.

    Miss_Lola_77, I am partial to bold too but not sure what I want to do.

    Marta, Thanks Marta, the pillow was done in a hurry, next time I will take my time. Will post pictures when she is done.

  10. Omg You cut the prongs? What tip is it?
    Why to flock her? I think she should stay brunette because of her eye color so brownette (hazel would be perfect).

  11. Dollmania, I cut off the prongs to make it easier to get her head on and off the body. I only do that to dolls that have been played with and are going to become an OOAK. Going to flock her to give her a unique look.