Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Model 13

Barbie Basics 1.5
Second Wave 
Model 013

Marked Mattel on head 
Marked on backside: Mattel 2003 
Made in Indonesia 

Dress is original, belt is not but 
came with the doll. 
No shoes, so I gave her some red heels. 
Also gave her a pair of silver sunglasses. 

Thrift Store find


  1. What a nice find!!! That reminds me. A blogger friend sent me that head back in June. I really need to start using it. I love the short haired girls.

  2. Thanks Vanessa, I was surprised to see a Barbie Basics at the Thrift Store. The short haired girls are cute!

  3. Hello from Spain, i love this Barbie because she has short black hair. I had no seen bafore. Congratulations on having her and keep in touch

  4. Thanks Marta, I like the short hair on this doll also!

  5. I swear you find the best dolls. Thanks to you I make sure to look for dolls now that can be revamped and passed on.

  6. Thanks Brini, I enjoy looking for the dolls!