Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Nefera de Nile

Yesterday I went to see a former co-worker and friend 
to videotape a segment that she wanted for a workshop 
she is going to give. After the taping, before going home, 
I decided to stop at Wal-Mart to see if there was 
anything new in the doll aisle. 
When I went by the aisle, it was quite bare. But way down
the aisle I thought I saw some boxes.  Lo and behold, 
there were 3 Monster High Boxes. One was a Toralei,
two was a newer version of Cleo de Nile and the 
third was 

Monster High 
Nefera de Nile 
Daughter of the Mummy 
Older sister of Cleo de Nile

Made in Indonesia 
Love the colors on this doll, getting tired of 
Barbie Pink. 

Her pet is a Scarab named Azura 
Wal-Mart find


  1. Wow! Awesome find.

  2. This is totally going on my list! I've been waiting for a version of Cleo that had just the right face paint and hadn't found it yet. Azura is now on my list too. Thanks for posting!

  3. Nice! I love the colors, too. I see your MH doll obsession is coming along swimmingly. LOL!

  4. Thanks NaoC,

    Hey,It's Muff, Thanks, Isn't she great. Love the colors.

    Vanessa, Thanks, The colors are great, getting tired of blonds and Barbie Pink. Only 2 or 3 others on my list to find.

  5. So is she taller than the average MH doll since she's a big sister?

  6. Wow, that'a a great find, she is cute. I love her earrings too. She just might make me warm up to the MH dolls.

  7. Wow, she has got really strange colour of hair! I like her clother, they are cool! :) I invite you to my blog- I will write notes in english too ;)

  8. Miss_Lola_77, Nefera is taller than the other MH dolls.

    Brini, Thanks, I love her colors. Makes her unique and different from other dolls.

    Bomba, Her hair is a blue-green color. Will visit your blog.

  9. This is the only Monster girl I want :) Really lovely!

  10. Dollmania, She is a very lovely doll. I like the colors they chose for her.

  11. Oh she is so pretty I have not seen this one yet!

  12. Thanks CJ, I found her last week. Not too many stores in my area have gotten the new MH dolls yet.