Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Maybe I Shouldn't Mention This.......

But today I went on my usual get 
out of the house trip. 
Had to go the the bank, then went 
to TRU's. They had nothing new on 
the shelves. 
Went to the Thrift Store and walked out
with nothing. 
Then went and stopped at Target.
They did have the S.I.S. Rocawear Dolls but still 
at 24.38.  Also on the shelves were 
S.I.S. Locks of Love (S.I.S.doll with little sister and accessories)
That was also priced at 24.98
On the lower shelf, there was the S.I.S. Glam Convertible. 
Purple car with Grace in the driver's seat. 
Price was 19.99
Walked out with one item which I will post tomorrow. 
This is the part maybe I shouldn't mention, but I then 
stopped at Wal-Mart, near my house.
Looked around, saw nothing new in the doll aisle. 
Went over to the CLEARANCE Aisle and found. 

Made in China 
Anything with a RED Sticker was 50% off.
Got her for $10.50 
If the Stardoll had a yellow sticker there was no discount. 
Also picked up 

These items came out to 7.90 each. 
I am very surprised that these items were on a 50% off
sale already.  I wanted to get the other outfit, but none of 
them had a red sticker. May have to try another Wal-Mart.
I also saw the Color Liv with the non-articulated arms 
and the Sleepover Party in the Clearance Aisle.


  1. Good deals! I love your new blog look.

  2. Thanks Georgia Girl, I was surprised that the Stardolls were on the clearance rack already.

  3. Hello from SPAIN, i can not belive. The stardoll and clothing at half price. Congratulacions on your purcharseand gibe me envy. Keep in touch

  4. Thanks Marta, I was very surprised to that they were half price!

  5. The Stardolls were in the clearance area at our Walmart, but they were as marked. Not the 50% off. But that was a couple of days ago. I'll go back today to see if they are now at 50% off. Thanks for the mention. Now that I think about it, most of the new collectible dolls had the red stickers too. Walmart used to be famous for this years ago. Hadn't really noticed it in past years.

  6. Vanessa, I haven't gone to the other Wal-Mart to see if they are 50% off there. Want to get the other outfit.

  7. I checked my Walmart. They are not 50% off. That ended up being a really good thing for me because of ALL the doll stuff I ended up buying at the other stores. I will blog about it all tomorrow.

  8. Vanessa, I wonder why all Wal-marts are different. Is it up to each individual store which dolls go to 50% off. Can't wait to see what you ended up buying in the other stores.

  9. You lucked out, the Walmart here in Charlotte had nothing. I will check again tomorrow. I'm going treasure hunting at the thrift store!

  10. Brini, I did. Went to another Wal-Mart a little further from my house and they also weren't on the clearance aisle. One more Wal-Mart to check. LOL. You can find some great dolls at the Thrift Store!