Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Friday, January 27, 2012

Rainy Day Find

Today was so rainy and mild, 
so unusual for a day in January here on the 
East Coast. 

I went out anyway, first stopping at the Wal-Mart 
by my house.  They had nothing. 
Then on to TRU's since I still have 2 coupons.
Again nothing. 
Target was my next stop. Found nothing again. 

On to the Thrift Store where I found 

Not sure who she is. 
Thinking a Dolls of the World  India? 
Marked Mattel 1998 on her neck 
On her back Mattel 1966
Made in Indonesia
She has her jewelry. 
I think she is missing her top. 
She had no shoes so I gave her 
a pair of black heels. 
Can't find a Barbie  with her exact outfit. 
Anyone recognize her?
Thrift Store find

P.S. I did stop at another Wal-Mart on 
the way home and walked out with nothing.

UPDATE: Thanks to Mya, She is Barbie in India, 2005.


  1. She looks like one of those India dolls that came out..don't quote me but for some reason Kebaya comes to mind.

    I do like the sari colors.

  2. Her Sari is beautiful! Great find on a rainy day :)

  3. Yes, good eye. She is "Barbie in India" from 2005. :)

  4. She looks great. Whoever donated her took good care or did you fix her up?

  5. Thanks Dollz4Moi, She has the same face mold as mine.

    Thanks Chynadoll, also found something for you.

    Thanks Mya, She is Barbie in India 2005. Now I can tell what she is missing.

    Hey, It's Muff, All I did was brush her hair. She is in very good condition.

  6. Thanks Frannie, have a few thing I created for you as well LOL. message me tomorrow:)

  7. Wonderful find! I really like her.

  8. She's definitely an India (made in India) Barbie. Beautiful!

  9. Thanks dollscollector for visiting and commenting on my blog.

  10. Thanks reallifeminis! She is a cutie!

  11. She very pretty. I love Barbie with dark raven hair. She is definately a keeper.