Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Asian Beauties

Lucy Lu - Owner of the Beauty Salon 

Linda Lu - Twin Sister to Lucy
My first rebody- Originally called Emily Ann
Haven't decided what her occupation is going to be yet.

Lucy was rebodied last Saturday. 
Cecile from Chynadoll Creations
repainted her for me.
Doesn't Lucy look great!

Not sure who these dolls were originally. 
Marked on their neck  Mattel 2000.

Both dolls were Thrift Store finds.


  1. LOL, I get so jealous of your finds. Everytime I go I come back with nothing. These girls look great.

  2. Thanks Georgia Girl!

    Hey, It's Muff, I haven't found any great dolls finds in a few weeks. Yesterday, they had a bunch of dolls but nothing unique or different. I am getting picky in my old age. LOL

  3. Love them both! Thay can come visit my Asian Town any time. I have a whole community growing over here.

  4. Isn't interesting how a few brush stroke in a different direction gives a doll a different look! They are both very cute!

  5. Hi from spain: your asian dolls are very cute. Both are beautiful. Always do fantastic shopping. Keep in touch

  6. I love it when you show all your treasuress. The sister are very cute. You know Linda could always be the the CEO of "Lu Sounds Unlimited. The Chynadoll do need a label, lol.

  7. Thanks D7ana for the info. I thought they were Lea but wasn't 100% positive!

    Thanks Vanessa, Maybe they will take a trip down to visit. LOL

    Thanks Ms. Leo, Isn't it amazing what a little paint can do for a doll's personality. Cecile does great work! She brings the dolls to life!

    Thanks Marta, I love to find unique dolls!

    Thanks Brini, What a great idea. Got to keep that for a story line for Tierra!