Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Monday, January 9, 2012

Prince Derek

Prince Derek 
12 Dancing Princesses Series 
Marked on head 
2003 Mattel  (White ) 
1997 Mattel (Black  ) 
Marked on back 
1975, 1999  Mattel (both)
Made in Indonesia 

Arms and legs are articulated.

The pants of the Dereks are different.
Black doll's pants are sort of a velour 
White doll's pants are a soft cotton (?) 

Thrift Store finds.

This is the table and chair set Dollz4Moi spray
painted for me at our dolly get together.
The chairs had magic marker on the backs.
I bought some material to make some cushions for the chairs. 

You can see the before pictures at Doll'z4Moi's website 


  1. Love love love the prince's! Great find! Excited to see how your cushions come out :)

  2. Chynadoll, these are the dolls I was talking about on Saturday. You can have them if you want.

  3. Oh great! I will take them! Also if you come across any of the big dolls to be redone let me know! We could re do and sell or donate to a children's hospital?

  4. I will put these two on the side for you. Will keep my eye out for any big dolls to be redone and have to look for the Wee Three Friends that I have.

  5. Frannie if you come across any more of the articulated guys put me down for a couple :O)

  6. Dollz4Moi, I will. Went to the Thrift Store today and found nothing.:( Will keep my eyes open.

  7. Bello from SpAin, i really like both Derek. I really your set of table and chairs. IT is very good. Keep in touch

  8. Really nice find. I have the Black Prince Derek. I can't wait to see the table and chair set finished. I did some thrift store shopping today and of course I thought about you. I wasn't looking for dolls, just diorama stuff. I got some real goodies. Now that I think about it, I did get the Lea Generation Girl boxed with all her goodies.

  9. Thanks Marta, I am going to try to make pillows for the chair.

    Thanks Vanessa, Those two princes are going to go to Chynadoll. We had talked about it on Saturday what she wanted to do and I told her I might have the dolls she needs. I got the material cut for 1 cushion so far. I want to see how it turns out. My biggest problem is if I can get the needle threaded. LOL. Great find, I like the Lea from the Generation Girls. They are hard to find.