Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Friday, September 23, 2011

Star Spangled Dolls - Jazz Performers

Sometimes if you wait and are 
patient enough you are able to find 
dolls from your want list. 
Ever since I purchased some of the Sunshine Family
dolls in May, I wanted to get some of the dolls
from the Star-Spangled series. 
Jazz Performers 
Star Spangled Series of dolls 
Marked on head Mattel 1973 
On back - Made in Taiwan 
We're Mellie and Louis Harris from the port city where life is music and music is jazz. Louis plays the trumpet with Jelly Roll Morton, the famous piano player. I sing blues. We play in parks to people dancing on the grass, at cotillions or in caberets ' till the night is filled with swirling colors and a sweet jazz wail. Our favorite place to play is on the street corners for the whole world to hear!
About 2 weeks ago I happened to come across 
their auction on E-Bay.  They were listed with another set 
of Steve and Stephanie dolls.  It never said anything in the auction
about the Star Spangled Series. 
Supposedly this set dolls and the other set came from
a Mattel Employee.  No boxes. 
They are all original.  The Steve and Stephanie also
have wrist tags which made them more desirable. 
I was happy to get both sets of dolls at a very 
reasonable price. 
E-Bay find


  1. Love them, they are so cute. Another wonderful find!

  2. Thanks, Georgia Girl and Chynadoll!

  3. Very cute, especially Mellie's yellow dress!

  4. Adorable! Congrats on getting something from the coveted WANT list.

  5. Thanks Limbe Dolls, I love her dress. The hat would be easy to make for other dolls. It looks like they took a round piece of the material and fitted a band around it.

  6. Thanks Vanessa, now the only people I want from the Sunshine Family are the Caucasian grandparents. I am being very picky cause I want them to be all original, not in the box, just near mint and at a reasonable price.

  7. They are so cute. I particularly like the fashion. :) I've been wanting to make clothes liek those if only I can find the right materials. :)