Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Monday, September 5, 2011

Lane Hope Chest with Totsy Clothes

A few years back on E-Bay I purchased 
a Lane Hope Chest with 5 different Totsy outfits, accessories and a
standing mirror. (Can't find my mirror)
From what I have read, it was sold thru the Sears Catalog in 
1988/89.  I have seen different sets. One for college, 
another for winter. On the flyer that was enclosed in the Lane chest you
could order other clothes. 

The clothes fits the Fashionista Body.  There are earrings, shoes, stockings and other 
accessories included.  Some of the shoes don't fit well. Others are okay. 
Emily Anne decided she wanted to try on the outfits.
The wedding dress. The heels kept falling off. 
The veil had a headband that would not  stay on her head. 
Swim Suit and accessories 
Bathing suit cover up
Evening Clothes
Hate the large bow on her shoulder.
Night Clothes 

Clothes are marked Made in China.
A few months ago I found an unopened pack of 7 outfits, which I 
am assuming that they might be from doll clothes that were 
sold thru the Sears Catalog, or from Totsy mail order. 
They have the same type of accessories included. 
Will have one of the ladies model those in a future post.


  1. Great find, Frannie! You know how to do the Thrift Shop scene. Congrats and thanks for sharing.

    I had to LOL about the bow comment your doll had. Those '80s big bows on dresses were hideous. Sooo glad we don't have to wear them anymore.

    Course as bad as that looked, it couldn't begin to offend as much as the low rider pants of today. Can anyone shout TIRED of seeing other people's upper butts? Not a sexy look, folks. Not at all!

  2. Thanks D7ana, I agree with you with the low rider pants is not very sexy.