Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ever Girl Clothes

I found nothing at the Flea Market or the 
Thrift Store today. Hasn't really been anything exciting
the last few times I went. 
I did pick up an Ever Girl outfit.  
Ever Girl 
Made in China 
Thrift Store find
Never have come across an Ever Girl 
On the back it says there were twelve different dolls 
Wanted to find out more info on the dolls and found out 
that D7ana from 
A Philly Collector Of Playscale Dolls and Action Figures
did a blog post on the dolls in 2009. 
You can read the post at 


  1. They had the dolls at TRU and also at National Wholesale Liquidators. I picked up most of the clothes & dolls there.

  2. I don't think we had a National Wholesale Liquidators around my area. Also around that time when the dolls came out, I was going thru chemo and rarely went out.

  3. Yes! I remember National Wholesale Liquidators! That was one of my favorite stores! Too bad they went out of business! I got a few dolls there along with some great table cloths and clothing. I miss them. I only saw the clothing for this doll at that store. Never at TRU. It is a great find. The clothing fits Skipper!

  4. Thanks for sharing that link, Frannie. I had forgotten about that post.

    Nickelodeon had carried the dolls online, but they sold out, I suppose.

    I used to love National Wholesale Liquidators as well, ladies; they had Flavas and other dolls. Sigh.

  5. @Ms. Leo, Thanks for the info that the clothing fits Skipper.

    @D7ana, I wonder where all the dolls that are not sold go now? We could have a real good time in a place like that. LOL

  6. @Frannie well so glad you're doing much better now. I see the dolls pop up here and there. I know someone has the AA girl nude for $3.

  7. Thanks Dollz4Moi, I am one very lucky person, I still have small ones in my body, but they are controlled by this wonderful medicine I take every two weeks. Some side effects, weird ones, like a rash, and my eyes sometimes get crusty. Much better for the body then the chemo.(Didn't do anything for me) The sad part you can't get this medicine until you go thru chemo and it doesn't help. This medicine allows me to have a quality life which I am so grateful for.