Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

2011 Halloween Dolls

Before going to the Thrift Store today
I stopped by Target to see if the Target 
Exclusive Halloween Barbie had come in. 
Went over to the doll aisle, I saw the Target 
Exclusive Holiday Barbie, but no Halloween Barbie. 
Doesn't Halloween come before Christmas? 
I saw one of the toy employees and asked if the
Halloween Barbie is coming in. She told me it's 
over by the Halloween Items. 
So I go over to the other side of the store.
Looking thru the decorations, costumes, etc. 
Can't find Barbie. 
Saw another Employee and asked where would 
she be.  She called over on her Walkie-Talkie and
found out she was in the Seasonal Candy Aisle. 
Would never have thought to look for her in the 
Halloween Candy. 
We finally find her on the bottom shelf. 
Halloween Treat 
Made in Indonesia 
Target Exclusive 

In the Halloween Candy Aisle I also found 

Dressed as a Bumble Bee 
Target Exclusive 
Made in Indonesia 
Kelly was the only one left on the shelf. 
From information I found on the net 
there are two other dolls in this series. 
A Skeleton and A Pumpkin (with orange hair) 

Another doll that I found was 

Mini Lalaloopsy 
Candy Broomstick 
Target Exclusive 
Made in China
Loved her accessories, a black cat, a Magic Spells book
and a cauldron with a ladle. 
No other Halloween versions of this doll. 
Left Target with all 3 dolls. 
Before going home today, I stopped 
at A&P to pick up some groceries. 
They had the Barbie Halloween Doll. 
It didn't impress me, so I walked out without her.


  1. Great finds! The mini lalaloopsy dolls are adorable. I am trying really hard not to get one. I have heard that buying them is contagious. Lol!

  2. Thanks, They are really cute. I really like the accessories that came with her. There is one other I want. The school girl. I do have a 5.00 TRU coupon that I have to spend by Friday.

  3. Frannie there are 2 other Chelsea dolls. The Pumpkin has orange hair and there is a skeleton too. I just picked up the bee and pumpkin.

  4. Dollz4Moi, My Target only had this one. Will try and go to another Target to see if I can find the pumpkin.