Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


When I picked up this doll
last Saturday, I wasn't sure who she was. 
Her head was marked Olmec 1992 and
her body marked Hasbro 1988. 
At first I thought maybe she was re-bodied, but 
her head and body matched perfectly.
 It seems that the hair has been undone. 
She has one braid left in the back of her head.
She could either be Crimp and Bead Imani 
or Pop Star Imani. 
Hasbro introduced these 2 dolls in 1994 and 1995.
She was found without clothes, so I dressed her 
in a Pink Label Barbie outfit. (School Spirit Barbie 1995)
Flea Market find


  1. Congratulations on your find, she's in really nice shape.

  2. I remember this doll. Her hair was in thick "goddess" braids that were popular after Janet Jackson wore them in "Poetic Justice" 1993.

  3. Congrats indeed. Funny when dolls are "related" but NOT from the same company. Like the Pop Star Imani you show and the Pop Star Sindy and Pop Star Mel by Vivid Imaginations.

  4. Great find! She looks like she is in good shape too. The legs of this doll are known to pop off with the stem piece in them, so be careful. I did a post on both Imani and the male doll Menelik not long ago. , .
    I have hoped to rebody my doll but the head stem on this doll is different from that of many other fashion dolls and can't be swapped. I believe that is why your body is orginal. I am still looking for a body with articulation for her. Does your stil have the ring in the hand or the hole for the ring? I have to say that is a great outfit she has on. Did that come with the doll?

  5. Thanks all! Even though her hair I believe is taken out, I think I like it this way ! She is very pretty.

    @Ms Leo Thanks for the info. She has no hole in the hand for a ring. Also the outfit is one I found, but I believe it comes from the School Spirit Barbie Doll. Since her body is Hasbro 1988 do you think her body is from the Maxie Series of dolls?

    While I was doing my investigating, I came across this site

    It says her likeness was used to create the Hasbro Imani.