Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Barbie Video Girl

Video Girl 
Marked on head  1998 
On back 2009 
Made in China 
She also came as a brunette. 
She has a video camera embedded
in her body. 
The camera lens is in her necklace 
She was a display doll.
The camera is not working. 
Most likely needs a battery.
Also don't have the cord to connect 
her to a computer.
Garage Sale find


  1. Wow! Do you think you will try to get her working? It's probably not too hard to find a usb cable that will work. She can spy on the other dolls when you close the door. That would be a good way to see if there's anything happening when you are not around.

  2. Good idea, I have to find out what kind of battery she takes. The thrift store has USB cables. Just got to find the right one. The videos may prove to be very interesting.