Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Moxie Teenz - Series 2

I usually have been staying home on Thursdays,
but today I needed to go out and pay a bill. So
I decided while I was out I would to go
to another Wal-Mart 
(I haven't been to this one in ages).  Wanted to see 
if they had the LIV "It's My Nature" dolls on sale or 
any other outfits or accessories.
There were no "It's My Nature" dolls to be found, but 
I was able to pick up two other outfits. 
 A Party Dress
Sailing Outfit. 

At this Wal-Mart, they had no new LIV dolls.  They had 
The Barbie Jeans Basic dolls priced at 15.00. (The store I 
usually go to never got the Barbie Jeans Basics) They 
also had some S.I.S. dolls which the other two Wal-Marts I go to don't.
(Neither do Target or TRU's)
But going down the aisle I saw something that I have 
wanted for awhile.  I had gotten the Moxie Teenz Bijou No 2 many months 
ago.  But it seems like all the stores (Target, TRU's and Wal-Mart) never 
got any of the other dolls in the series.  I thought it was a lost cause since
I wasn't going to buy them on E-Bay for double the price. 
There they were, Tristen and Melrose.  But no Arizona. And you
know I wasn't going to leave the store without them.
I love her glasses!
Moxie Teenz 
MGA Entertainment 
Made in China 
What bothers me is that I have to go all over the place to find 
dolls that I want to buy.  Well, there is one more Wal-Mart that 
I can go to.  Maybe Sunday?


  1. I love looking at the Moxie Teenz. They have the best clothes and purses for the price point. They are too big for me to buy, though. I bought a couple Moxie Girlz outfits 2 days ago because they fit the Only Heart Club dolls and Stacy dolls. My Walmart had the Basic Jean dolls marked down too. Walmart took forever to get these dolls (at least 4 months after Target), then they overpriced them at $22. I hope they are not scratching their heads wondering why they didn't sell well.

  2. I found some Only Hearts club dolls at the Thrift Store without clothes. Will have to look at my Moxie dolls and see if they have any clothes to spare.

  3. I went to the Walmart on Rt 9 on sat and in the clearance isle, they had lots of the Moxie outfits there as well as Liv dolls. I also found a S.I.S Pastry doll which I have never seen there before. I picked that up for 5 bucks. I scanned that isle for like 20 minutes to make sure I have not missed anything LOL

  4. Chynadoll - Just curious,which SIS doll was it?