Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Monday, August 8, 2011

Tennis Anyone?

The outfit I won from 
the contest at 
arrived today in the mail. 
Sharpay kept bugging me about trying on the outfit. 
She's into vintage clothing. 
I relented and let her try it on for the photo shoot. 
The outfit is from the Francie collection.
Called "Tennis Time"
I wonder if Sharpay is going to give the outfit back?
Thanks D7ana!! Love the outfit!


  1. Sharpay looks great in her new outfit. Love the tennis racquet too.

  2. I love the outfit! Sharpay should keep it until another great outfit comes in.;)

  3. Sharpay is a clothes horse but loves the vintage look. She constantly looks thru the clothes I bring home before any of the other ladies.

  4. Sharpay looks great in that outfit. I'd never have imagined that a trendy young lady would take an interest in mod fashion.

    Thanks for sharing the photo and me. (Waves hi to everybody.)

  5. Waves back to D7ana. Thanks again!

  6. Congrats again on your win. She looks adorable. I am loving that tennis racquet too. Brings back such sweet memories.

    D7ana - You are so crazy.