Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Need hints on how to rebody a doll

Now that I have deboxed a doll, I am going 
to need some hints on how to rebody. 
Am a little apprehensive about trying it. 
Worry that I may break the neck post. 
So I am asking for hints on the best way
to rebody. 
I have this doll.  She is articulated but nothing special.
Barbie Cheerleader 
I finally found a doll today at the Thrift Store that 
would look better with an articulated body. 
She was found nude so I gave her one 
of the ladies robes for the picture. 
She is a good match for the articulated body
My main question is how do I get off the heads 
without breaking the posts.
And are they easy to get back on the new bodies?
Do you think I can do this? 
Will post pictures when the operation is done. 


  1. Frannie you can do it. I use my hair dryer to soften the head up. Once it's soft enough getting it off is easy. I use one hand (my left) to hold the doll around the neck and use my right to pull the head off one side at a time. These newer articulated dolls have that longer prong in the neck. You do the same for the other doll. I usually cut the long prong off.

    I cut under the prong to leave just the flat disk like the older dolls had. This makes it easy to pop the heads off and on with no problems.

  2. Well, what most people do is cover the hair with a washcloth(so that you don't mess up the hairstyle) or something and then heat the neck and base of the head with a blow dryer. Use the hot setting. It takes about a minute or two. You start at one point (back of the head) and work your way around the head to the front (the chin to the back of the head again). The head should be soft that is point. I like also have a metal nail file with a point too. Pull on the head and use the file to ease the head off the "disk" part of the head knob. You'll next feel the head coming off but stuck on the hook of the head knob. heat the head a little more and let the hot air go up th hole in the neck. That should soften the knob hooks too. Then ease the head off the hook. Use the file if you need to or heat up the neck again if you feel it cooling.
    Hope that helps.

  3. You can do it. I haven't heard of a collector who followed the directions correctly and failed. :)

    The two above sounds like a good start. The general idea is to heat the head to make it more stretchable and allow the neck hooks to pass thru the hole.

    If you must use a hairdryer, make sure not to melt/deform the neck. Aim for the vinyl head.

  4. Thanks all! I am going to try and do it this weekend!

  5. I run hot water from the facet over the neck area, and gently work the head off each prong. With these two gals, it doesn't appear that it would damage their hair to get the hair wet. I have never removed a head using the blow dryer method but it sounds like it would work too. I am a body-swap-aholic and I re-root regularly, and I find with the new Fashionista bodies you may encounter a loose head once you re-body. If that is the case carefully remove the head once more and wrap a small plastic rubber band or two around the base of the neck piece (under the "disk" piece). And as Dollz4Moi recommended I too would suggest you remove the prongs. In case you wish to re-body someone else more easily in the future. :)

  6. Cat, Thanks for the advice! I am going to try both methods!

  7. Very cool! I have learned something new! I have never removed a head lol so now I think I am going to have to try this.

  8. Aren't all doll bloggers wonderful! They are always willing to share their tips with others!