Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Yesterday, after I went to the Doctor's office, I started my car and
one of those little red idiot lights came on. So I went to my manual and it 
said if the light comes on, don't shut the car off or it may not start.
I decided not to stop at the Thrift Store but go take my car
right to the mechanic.
When I got there he put my car on the machine and told me I needed a new 
alternator. So I left the car and got a ride back home.
The car wasn't ready till noon time today, so I missed going to the Flea Market
this morning.  Did go to the Thrift Store, but found nothing.
So I went  and found a doll that I had bought years ago to post about. 
Juku Couture 
Jakks Pacific 
9 inches tall 
Fully poseable 
Faux glass eyes 
There were 3 other dolls in the series. 
Audrina, Hayley, and Kana 
Made in China 
Wal-Mart find


  1. I love this doll. I never found her in her original outfit. I picked her up when someone was selling the originals nude. I still keep my eyes out just to get her in her original clothes. Great find :O)

  2. Thanks Dollz4Moi, I liked her and the others when they first came out. I saw later on there was a series 2 but have never been able to find them. Have never come across any of these dolls (nude or otherwise) in the Thrift Store or at Garage sales.

  3. Hi Frannie! I remember seeing both the first series and the second series. The second series had painted eyes.

  4. Thanks D7ana for the info. Never saw the second series in the stores in my area. Now I know I will not try to buy any of the second series with the painted eyes. I liked the glass eyes in the dolls.