Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Do You Recognize Me?

I bought this doll yesterday and 
I have no clue who she may be. 
She has a belly button body. 
Bendable legs. 
Marked on head Mattel 1998 
on her back 1999 
Made in Indonesia 
I don't have another doll with arms like these. 
You can either place them on her hips or fold in front of her
Changed her outfit. 
She was in a mismatched swimsuit. 
Hair might not be in original style
Thrift Store find.


  1. Frannie i believe she is the Princess of the Korean Court. I think her hair was just taken out. She had a braid and came in a great costume

  2. yes i also want write that

  3. I believe I have that doll too! The hair on mine is it might have been cut. I didn't like the arms so I swapped the body out. Here is pic. There wasn't much she could do with the original arms.

  4. No clue about who she is, but she has one of my new favorite face molds. Lea. She is very pretty.

  5. Thanks all! I am sure you are right. She is very pretty and is in need of a body swap to get rid of those arms!