Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Friday, February 24, 2012

Rocky Blue

Went to Toy's R Us this morning. 
Missed her the first time when I went 
down the doll aisle.
Too busy looking at the Monster High Section. 
On my second trip down the aisle 
there I saw her near the Bratz dolls.

Shake It Up 
Rocky Blue 
10 inches tall 
40 + poses 
She is articulated!!
Made in China

While I was looking up information on Rocky Blue
 I saw that they 
were selling her in a different outfit 
from the doll I purchased. 
Is this the first outfit or the second? 
Also I came upon the Sears website 
where they are trying to sell this doll 
for $109.20 
Are they kidding me? 

Toy's R Us find.


  1. Well, what a cutie! No idea who she represents. Are her arms articulated? Fun! :)

  2. I saw her today and a couple of the others. She didn't make it to the register though :O(

  3. Aunt Lou, I haven't taken her out of the box, but I think so since on the back of the package it shows her with her hand on her hip.

    Dollz4Moi, Toy's R Us did have the others but just purchased one.

  4. Aunt Lou, forgot to post, but Rocky Blue is on a Disney Program called "Shake it Up"

  5. She's cute. I look forward to seeing her deboxed - if you decide to do so. I wondered if I could swap her head onto a larger body and use her body for a Mattel teen doll.

    Sears has to be kkkkuuhhh-rrrraaaazyyyy to think that anyone would but that doll or any of the Disney VIP dolls for that price at this time.

  6. Thanks D7ana, Her body seems to be like the MH bodies only there is a little more fat on her bones If you take the head off you might have to enlarge the hole. I couldn't believe that a major company would try to rip off consumers with a price like that.

  7. You're welcome, Frannie. Thanks for the feedback/comparison of the VIP dolls to the MH dolls. That might be doable. I mean re-use-able.

    As for Sears, I would tell my public that it was a typo. Tsk, tsk. I mean it's even more likely to be discovered and held up for ridicule today - with the Internet going and people being able to look up prices ....

  8. Yeah, that has got to be a Sears typo. Even Target didn't get that crazy when they first sold the SIS line.

    I havent seen this particular model, but the other's I've seen were not articultate at the wrist. Since this one only has 40 poses, she may be the same.

  9. Hey It's Muff, It's not a typo, I went back and found out that they show items from a community of sellers on their website. This is from one of those sellers. It is called Sear's Marketplace.