Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Thursday, February 2, 2012

A New Improved Madison

 This is another of my doll projects. 
My Scene 
Mattel on head 
Mattel 1999 on back 
Made in China 
Thrift Store find
Madison's Hair was just a mess. 
Brushed out all the tangles.

 So I decided to give her hair the hot water treatment.

 Hey, where's the water?

Ahh, that feels good!

Dunking her hair in the hot water. 
Combed her hair. 
Let it dry. 
But wasn't satisfied with the results. 
(Forgot to take a picture)
Went over to see Cecile last Saturday to get 
some advice on what I should do to Madison's hair.
She showed me her secret method on how to fix 
Madison's Hair. (Can't tell, sworn to secrecy)
So while I was there I proceeded to fix Madison's hair. 
There was one plug missing in the front so Cecile showed 
me how easy it is to reroot. 
Cecile repainted Madison's face. 

The New and Improved Madison 

Isn't she lovely?
Thanks Cecile for all your help!


  1. She IS lovely! I love seeing makeovers.

  2. She is pretty Frannie. I really hate that Mattel stopped the My Scene line.

  3. She is very pretty now! Great fix and great find.

  4. She came out lovely lol :) I Love making over My Scene dolls! Lots of fun. Love the pics of her Frannie :)

  5. Hello from spain: y have 2 My Scene and also han tangled hair. I will do the hot water. Theses dolls have heads larger than Barbie. I prefer Barbie. Keep in touch

  6. Very pretty repaint.

    My daughter saw a SiS repaint by Cyhynadoll, thought the doll was available in stores, and said "I want her!." lol We both agreed that the repaint was great.

    Thank you for links to other great doll blogs.


  7. Thanks Hey It's Muff, I love seeing repaints and fixes by other doll collectors.

    Thanks Georgia Girl, I really liked the My Scene line also.

    Chynadoll, Thanks, I have a few more My Scene Dolls for you.

    Marta, Make sure you brush the tangles out of the hair before you try the hot water treatment.

    Thanks NaoC, Chynadolls repaints look even better in person. She does wonderful work.

  8. She is really gorgeous! I just know Madison loves her new look!!

  9. Nice job! I found a Madison also, her hair was such a tangled mess I just balled it up on each side-I really tried to untangle it- I think it looks awesome-like an afro almost. You are so fortunate to have a good friend to help you out. If you want chk out my flickr page to see her tell me what you think. Hope you are feelin' better-take care-keep thriftin'