Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bella Bride

It was really nice this morning, not too 
cold, so I decided to head over to the 
Flea Market. 
Found nothing. 
I was going to head straight over 
to the Thrift Store, but for some 
reason, I decided to stop at Target. 
The Twilight Saga 
Breaking Dawn
Part I 
Pink Label 
Made in Indonesia 

They also had Edward, but I passed him by. 

Bought 2 other dolls which I will post tomorrow. 
And the best thing, I was able to use my 
$5.00 off coupon from Mattel on Bella. 

Target find.


  1. I saw this one and thought that the dress was really well done. Are you going to unbox it? Can you tell if the dress is removable, Frannie?

  2. Hey, It's Muff, I think I am going to keep her in the box for awhile. It seems the dress is removable, thru the plastic, I can see a snap at the top of the wedding dress. The dress is beautiful.

  3. I hate Twilight Saga, but this doll has amazing make-up. I think it's good idea to unbox her and do nice photo session :)

  4. Bomba, Never saw any of the Twilight Movies. Never got the first Bella that came out. Got an Edward Doll at the Thrift Store months back.
    I do want to keep this Bella in the box, so I think I may go and get another one when/if they go on sale. Very beautiful doll.

  5. She looks so pretty. Is her dress just as cute? You know you can find some great dolls and deals.

  6. i`m not a big fan of twilight saga, but this doll really looks cute:)