Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Had to buy something....

I think I am going thru 
doll withdrawal. Yesterday, 
when I found nothing, I 
stopped in Big Lots and purchased....

Barbie Basics 
Collection 002
Model No. 03
Made in Indonesia 
She will be deboxed and rebodied. 
I love her curly hair! 
Big Lots find.

Also this morning thanks to Debbie from 
Black Doll Collecting  posted 
that had the Rocawear S.I.S.dolls.
I was able to order Marisa. Didn't 
mind paying the 3.99 shipping since 
I probably use that much in gas going from 
store to store. 
See Debbie's post here 

Thanks Debbie for posting that information!


  1. She is a cute doll. I seen her in Ross and did not get her. I was out doing my usual walk and didn't have any money on me at the time. I hope she helped the withdrawels go away, lol.

  2. Brini, Thanks, yes she did. Also being able to order Marisa did the trick!

  3. This is the one I found at TJ for $6.99. I bought her for the outfit. Glad you got your doll fix on.

  4. Thanks Vanessa, I did, especially when I knew that Marisa was on her way!

  5. Beautiful hair.