Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Friday, February 10, 2012

Recent Finds

Didn't post yesterday since I went to 
an awards night.  And went I got home,
my monitor was giving me some problems. 
Every so often it would go into this hibernation 
mode and I have to shut down the computer, 
take out the USB connections and just hit 
some keys to get to monitor to come back on again.
But I think I fixed it now so it won't happen again. 
Fingers crossed. 
Haven't found much of anything in the past week. 
Went to Toy's R Us, Target and Wal-Mart 
looking for S.I.S. Marisa or any of the new 
Monster High Dolls. 
There was nothing out there. :( 
Even the Thrift Store has been bad. 
Couple things I have found. 
Found this Magic Grow Aquarium 
Thought I would put it to good use 
in a diorama. 
You can add water and watch the 
fish grow. If you empty the water, 
the fish return to normal size. 

Found these Dawn type of dolls. 
6 inches tall.
No markings on the doll in the gold and orange. 
She has some green at the knees. 
Came with one boot. 
The other doll is marked 
Made in China 
on her back. 

Thrift Store find. 


  1. I've seen those little fish tanks at the Dollar Tree. I stare at them but I don't get them because I don't have any kid age dolls. If I got that for Clawdeen she'd probably glare at me.

  2. Hey, It's Muff, Thought it would go well in one of the dioramas I will do.

  3. Cute Dolls!
    I'm sure the one on the left is a Checkerboard Toy Dawn.
    Here's a link to mine on Flickr:

  4. Thanks Cindy's Dollz, for the information. I thought it might be the Dawn Reproduction but I wasn't sure. Love the photo. Wish I could find the others.

  5. Frannie the doll on the right is wearing a vintage majorette dress. Here is a link:

  6. I wish the dress I have was as nice looking as the one in the photo.