Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Barbie Build A Room Kit

When browsing through the 
Fashion Fever doll auctions
I came across an auction for 
pieces to a Barbie Build a Room Kit. 
But before bidding, I checked to see 
if there were others available. 
Found one still in the box and not opened. 
Price was right!  Cheaper than the pieces.
Fashion Fever 
Build A Room Kit 
Made in China 

Comes with 2 Wall Patterns 
Custom Floor Tiles 
Accessories look to include a shelf, a TV, 
a deck of playing cards and a poster. 
The shelf and poster seem to be on hangers that go 
over the side of the wall.

Does anyone own this set? Will I be able to make 
my own walls and use them with this set? 

Will open the box this weekend, too busy 
with other things this week to go and 
find my furniture. 

Will post pictures when I create some rooms!

E-Bay find.


  1. This looks so cool. I don't get it. Why is everything they make now so pink, pink, pink and plasticy? Their older stuff was really diverse.

  2. Hey,It's Muff, I like things like this, it gives me a chance to be creative. I am hoping I can make some different walls. I also want to use this for MH dioramas.

  3. Around 2006 I found these on close out at Toys R Us for about $3 each so I bought six of them. I rather like the pink roses but don't like the blue/green print on the other side of the walls so I tape pieces of scrapbooking paper to that side to create rooms with different colored walls. I don't worry about the tape messing up the original paper on that side because I don't like the print anyway.

    You can also make your own walls with thin pieces of cardboard (about the thickness of the cardboard you would find in the box for a pair of boots). I like these sets because you can make many different configurations. I use pieces of printed felt for carpets to cover up the pink tile floors.

    Enjoy your new find!

  4. I love it! I have never seen these but they look like a fun way to get creative. I agree with Limbe dolls, I would use scrap paper and felt to cover up the parts I did not like. I recently did one using a cereal box lol. Yours looks a lot cooler LOL.

  5. Hi from Spain: I din not know that to make room furniture. It is very interesting. When you do please teach photos. I do not think it is very difficult but to tell us. Keep in touch

  6. Thanks Limbe for the information and ideas!

    Thanks Chynadoll, I am going to look around for some type of paper to make some other walls. Post a picture of the cereal box dio!

    Marta, I will post pictures when I put it together.

  7. Wow that looks so cool and fun!

  8. CJ, Will most likely open it this weekend and see what I can create. It is so different.