Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tracy Turnblad

Found Tracy years ago, but she has been buried among the
dolly stuff in my room.  Tracy Tumblad is a character from the movie
"Hairspray".  Ricky Late played Tracy in 1988. and Nicole Blonsky in 2007. 
Doll is 10 inches tall. My doll is mute.  Supposedly sings "Welcome to the 60's".
There were 6 dolls in the series.Doll is by PlayAlong from 2007. 
This is not her original outfit.  From what I can tell her original outfit 
was a pink dress.The outfit she has on just fits her and that is why she has it on. She has no shoes.

 Had to go looking for Tracy.  She ran out the door 
when we rescued her.  Found her in my new geranium 
plant that I got for my birthday from my cousin. 
Thrift Store find many moons ago.



  1. She looks lovely! A must for every collection!

  2. Cute doll! You always have the best finds.

  3. Frannie is she wearing a fat suit or is she actually plus sized? Good find!

  4. Muff, she is actually plus sized. No fat suits for my girls. LOL.

  5. She looks just like the real actress who played in hairspray not too long ago. I am drawing a blank on her name. She was on Dancing With the Stars, in 2011.

  6. Yes, the singing Tracy was issued in a pink "sequin" dress, Frannie. (The basic Tracy wore a white print blouse and blue skirt.)

    Congratulations on finding her! She is a cutie.

  7. @Muff, Tracy is one of a few actual plus-sized dolls. Check out my friend's overview of them:

    1. Soooo cool! Thanks for that link, Miss Lola!