Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hollywood Hair Teresa

Hollywood Hair Teresa was produced in 1993.  She is in her original outfit. Missing her ring.  Not sure if the shoes are original.


  1. I remember vividly that this girl was my second barbie ever, and also the doll I've had the longest in my life (about 12-13 years as she was lost during a move a few years ago). Her original shoes though were -definitely- plain, orange pumps. ;)

  2. Thanks Alrunia, It's easy to find out if the outfits are original, but when looking at pictures on the net or in a reference book you never can see the shoes.

  3. Incidentally sometime after posting my comment I found a promo pic of HH Teresa which includes the shoes. Here it is if you're interested =)

  4. Hollywood Hair Teresa is really gorgeous.
    I got her on ebay, she was in the used section,
    but she was worth all the money I spent, she was
    out of the box new, no accessories, skirt or hair
    stuff, just the doll in her swimsuit outfit, and the
    neon orange pumps. Man. I love her, she is the second
    prettiest friend of Barbie. Whitney would be the first,
    in my opinion anyway.

  5. Omg! In the pic that Alrunia posted tehre is also a Ken doll, I have him! I have his original outfit, if you rub over his hair the stars dissapear for a while :D