Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Doll Gowns

Thought I would write today about some of the doll gowns I found in that tub of goodies.  Some were easy to find who they belong too, others I don't have a clue.
This gown belongs to Rapunzel which was put out by Mattel in 2002. 
Anneliese's gown from the Prince & The Pauper series.  Mattel produced this doll in 2004. 

Gown marked with Barbie pink label and Disney label.  Assuming since it is yellow, it probably belongs to Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Can't find a photo of it.  Mattel did make the same style of dress in the series Butterfly Princess in 1995.  It came with a magnetic wand which when moved over the dress the wings would flutter. 
UPDATE: Flutter Fantasy Belle from early 2000's
I saw a photo of this gown on a deboxed Sleeping Beauty Doll.  Gown has a Barbie Pink Label. No other information available. 
Gown marked Disney.  Most likely from a Cinderella Doll. 
UPDATE: From Early 2000's
I have no idea who this gown belongs to. It is factory made.  There is no label.  Most likely it is not from a well known doll manufacturer.  Any ideas?
UPDATE: Gown is from  
Anastasia & Dimitri Always and Forever doll gift set
Galoob 1987 


  1. The yellow gown is from flutter fantasy belle. Not sure the exact year, definately early 2000's. The Cinderella gown if from one of the my favorite fairytales disney dolls, also from early 00s.
    Hope this helps

  2. the last dress is from the animated film 'Anastasia'.