Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Beach Time

There is a story behind why I posted this doll today.  This morning, while driving home from K-Mart I spotted a sign for a yard sale that I had been to before.  The last time I was there probably last fall the lady conducting the sale said she would find Barbies she had  and would put them away till the next day.   I went back, but for some reason she wasn't conducting the yard sale.   When I walked up to the sale today, the lady remembered me and said she had the dolls packed away in another part of her garage and didn't take them out. (You wouldn't believe all the stuff she was selling.),  So I gave her my name and phone number and told her to call when she got to it since she lived close by. She has been having problems.  Her husband hasn't worked for over a year.  Having trouble paying her mortgage and needed money to pay a storage unit where she had more things to sell. There are times like this when I wish I was a millionaire so I could just hand out money to people in need.   So I started looking around and found a few things I wanted to buy,  Looking through containers, I came across these odd looking plastic thigamajigs. (for lack of a better word) There must have been about 10 small packages of different colors.  Suddenly an idea came to me, would it be possible to use these as replacement earrings and rings for some of the playline Barbies I had.  The problem of missing Barbie rings and earrings has been bothering me for sometime, since I have no talent for crafts, sewing, re-rooting, or painting.

I wound up buying all the packages she had along with a 1987 outfit for a Furskins Bear, an Indian Saree, two rubber balls for my dog and some fast food toys.  When I got home I thought lets try out my idea.  I used a Barbie who was dressed in a Baywatch Swimsuit and Visor.  The doll  is marked 1976 on her neck and she was made in Indonesia.  She was missing her ring and earrings.  I took 3 of the red plastic pins,  they fit perfectly in her ears (maybe a tiny bit too big?).  Then trying to figure out what to do for her ring.  I broke part of the stem off the pin and it fit in perfectly, but kept coming out.  Didn't want to Crazy Glue it in so I took clear nail polish and painted the stem. Stuck it in and let it dry.  It stayed in.  And it should be easy to take out if necessary.  I wonder what these pins were originally used for.  Anybody know?

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