Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Monday, July 2, 2012


Got to go to TRU's today. 
Had to deposit my check at the bank. 
So Pat took me over to TRU's since it was up 
the street and I haven't been there in ages. 
Found out they have the LaDeeDa dolls. 
I wasn't going to buy any of these dolls, but
Tylie was calling out my name today. 
There are 4 different dolls.  2 different sets. 
The dolls are:

The two sets are Sweet Party and Runway Vacay.
 In Sweet Party, 
Dee is Dots of Style 
Tylie is Cotton Candy Crush 
Cyanne Peppernint Pose
Sloane Lollipop Swirl 

In Runway Vacay 
Dee is Bollywood Bright 
Tylie Kabuki Cutie 
Cyanne Viva La France 
Sloane Safari Dreams 
Made in China 
There is an e-book app but I wasn't able to 
activate it on the app store today.  Will try 
again tomorrow. Another app will be coming out in the fall. 

Toy's R Us find

PS.....I also added a pinterest button on the website. Hoping it works. 


  1. There is something about these dolls that is cute. They do remind you of the Pulip and Dal dolls, which I enjoy looking at. No plans to buy any, but I will enjoy seeing all the new versions of the LaDeeDa Dolls that are due to come out. I think SpinMaster was pretty smart to enter this market. I know someone who just bought every single one of the new dolls. Price wise they are so much cheaper than Pulip dolls.

  2. Just wish the arms were articulated. They are cute. I may buy another one and debox. And I can't afford to buy the Pulip and Dal Dolls.

  3. Hello from Spain: Tylie is very original. Congratulations on your purchase. In my city still do not sell this collection of dolls. I think even Christmas not sell. Thank you for showing it. Keep in touch

  4. Marta,

    On the dolls box, it says imported into EU by Spin Master.
    I bet you will see these dolls soon.


  5. I still haven't seen these anywhere. I wonder if they've sold out or if they just haven't arrived.