Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Been Lazy, but........

I have been lazy since I am coming 
off the steroids. 
On Friday, I am going to the Radition Oncologist 
to see if the radiation worked.  My brother is taking me over. 
to the hospital.  I always like when I am getting news that somebody who 
understands more than I do medically comes with me.
My girlfriend called me during the week from Maine. 
She was on vacation.
She found a Tuesday Morning.  And is always on the 
lookout for dolls for me. 
This time she picked up for me. 
Sinatra, Elvis and Grace Kelly 
and 2 RocaWear 1st.ed?  articulated dolls.
Jayla and Chandra
from 2009.
Why is Jayla renamed Grace?
Does anyone know?
Here is Jayla. 

Here is Chandra.
Check out your Tuesday Morning Stores in your area. 
Great price @ 10.00 for articulated AA Dolls


  1. Jayla is the SIS doll made for another country. She is the Grace doll for us here in the states. I picked one up from Tuesday Morning.

  2. Wow love them! Gotta check out that Tuesday morning!

  3. Congrats on your new dolls Frannie.

    Like Georgia Girl informed, Jayla was made for markets outside the US.

    I hope your radiation treatments worked.


  4. Nice finds. I don't have that Grace doll, but I have 4 others. Unfortunately those are the bodies that I don't like. The arms stick out too much. I am in the process of swapping them all out. Not really noticeable unless you are doing stories. Still a great find at a great price. That Chandra is one of my favorites.

  5. Hello from Spain: Jayla and Chandra are beautiful. In my country, not sold that collection of SIS. I adore them. I hope that you are in good health soon. Keep in touch.

  6. Thanks for posting this Frannie. I went to the Tuesday Morning closest to me and they had 1 Jayla doll. I didn't get her but I'll visit the other ones to see if I can get a close look at Chandra. Even though they have the bodies with the visible screws in the arms I still like what Chandra is wearing.

  7. Thanks for sharing this information. I don't know if there is a Tuesday Morning near me - I shouldn't go if there is, lol - but it is always fun to hear about current sales.

    Hope the radiation works well and that you feel and do better after it.

    1. Tuesday Mornings Near Philly
      Pilgrim Gardens Shopping Center - Store PHIL1047
      1043 Pontiac Road
      Drexel Hill, PA 19026-5017, US
      11.4 miles
      Deptford Crossing - Store PHIL1090
      1800 Clements Bridge Road
      Woodbury, NJ 08096-2021, US
      11.8 miles
      Southampton Shopping Center - Store PHIL0644

      500 2nd Street Pike
      Southampton, PA 18966-3805, US
      12.0 miles
      Norriton Square East - Store PHIL0878

      51 East Germantown Pike
      Norriton, PA 19401, US
      13.7 miles
      New Britain Village - Store PHIL1057

      4275 County Line Road, 27
      Chalfont, PA 18901, US
      18.8 miles
      Fairless Hills Shopping Center - Store PHIL1036

      524 Lincoln Highway
      Fairless Hills, PA 19030, US
      19.8 miles
      The Shoppes at Valley Forge - Store PHIL1035

      228 Schuylkill Road
      Phoenixville, PA 19460, US
      24.2 miles
      Ashbridge Square at Eastcain - Store PHIL0422

      863 East Lancaster Avenue
      Downingtown, PA 19335-3327, US
      30.1 miles
      Lantana Square Shopping Center - Store WILM0204

      154-156 Lantana Drive
      Hockessin, DE 19707-8800, US
      35.3 miles
      Montgomery Shopping Center - Store SOME0512

      1325 US Highway 206
      Skillman, NJ 08558-1922, US
      37.2 miles

  8. I will be praying that the news is good Friday. Without good health we cannot enjoy life and our dolls. Though our dolls do make life fun.

  9. Thanks Betty, Got my fingers crossed for Good News,

  10. Hope you are getting better Frannie. I love the SiS dolls and have a TM near me. I will check it out to see if they have Jayla.

  11. You have a great friend!! Don't worry about being lazy I just want you to feel and get better. I hope I can find me a S.I.S. Chandra, she would be perfect in Dotsville.

  12. Frannie, you know I am praying for you. Please keep us updated. I have a close friend who does a prayer chain at her church. May I have your permission to ask her to include you? <3

  13. Hello! I just stumbled upon your site and I am impressed with your finds! It seems that you and I share the same passion: giving dolls a second life. :) I am sorry to hear about your illness but I do hope that you will have the energy to continue this site, I love looking at all the treasures. I too have a site dedicated to my Barbie and Mattel dolls. Please take a look if you have the time :)
    Well wishes and my prayers are with you
    Teresa (fellow doll collector)

  14. I'm so forry to hear about your illness. Praying that your radiation is a success.
    Thank you for the Tuesday Morning reminder. I need to stop in there, it has been a while. :)

  15. Merry Christmas, Franny. If I could wish for a special present, it would be a speedy recovery and lots of health for you.

  16. Hey, Frannie. I always enjoy seeing your latest doll posts. I am praying for you. I hope you are doing well. It has been a while since you posted.

    Best wishes,