Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Friday, July 6, 2012

Fashion Fever - Tokyo Pop

Fashion Fever 
Tokyo Pop 
Another doll comes off my list. 
E-Bay find. 


  1. Frannie do you know if what she is wearing is original to her because that's a cool outfit.

  2. Muff, She is wearing her Original outfit. I think there were 3 dolls in this series. One doll had multi-colored (blue, yellow brown) hair. This one. And I believe an Asian doll.
    This doll is very hard to find. Good price for her is under 40.00.
    D7ana, please correct me if I am wrong... Thanks!

  3. Congratulations on your purchase. She looks cool.

  4. Thanks NaoC, I love her outfit. Took over a year to get her on E-Bay. I won't pay outrageous prices.

  5. I remember this doll. I sold her naked of course. The outfit is awesome. Great find again ;O)

  6. I really like her face. Is she wearing a pink hat?

  7. Yes she is Vanessa. She is so different and unique. That is why I wanted her.

  8. Ack ... sorry I missed this post before, Frannie.

    Yes, that is the Tokyo Style Fashion Fever Barbie. The Tokyo Style dolls were in Wave B of that line. There were 4 dolls in that subset: this Barbie; auburn w. blue streaked hair, fair-complected Drew; tawny dark-haired Kayla (the Asian/Hispanic/AA?); and fair-complexioned Teresa.

    I sold the Kayla some time ago. Drew recently sold. I still have Teresa and this Barbie. Surprisingly, the Barbie is the ONE doll from this series that I have no intention of selling. Her outfit pops - and yes, that is a pink crotchet or knit cap on her head. Also, the outfit is original - even the stand looks like the same lime green one I have attached to my presently NRFB doll.

    And, yes, if you got her for under $40, that was a good price Frannie. I priced mine at $30. But this Tokyo Style Barbie is my favorite of the the Fashion Fever dolls ;-P

    Glad that you got her, Frannie. She is lovely.