Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Jade & Alysa- Blue and Pink

Jade (Blue Hair)
Alysa (Pink Hair)
Not sure when these were made.
Love the older Integrity dolls. 
E-Bay find.


  1. I like them both, but especially the one with blue hair.

  2. Jade with Blue Hair is beautiful.

  3. Frannie you are just full of surprises. I love these ladies and I may still have them both. I had an extra of the Jade but sold her years ago. I have a thing for dolls with unusual colored hair.

    I'm just sitting back and enjoying your goodies :O)

    1. Thanks, I have the same obsession with unusual colored hair.

  4. Hello from Spain: These dolls are very original. My favorite is the blue hair .. Keep in touch

  5. Cool collection, Frannie! I have a Jade with that head mold only with dark brown hair. I don't have any of that Alysa head mold. Mine are the next one and the last Alysa head mold.

    The Integrity playline dolls are fascinating. Some of the earlier ones have quality um problems, but they were varied and cheery and clever. Thumbs up. Love seeing them ;-D

  6. Okay, the blue haired lady is just rocking it. Her expression just seals the deal! Great find.