Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Go-Go's

Lately I haven't been finding 
Barbies or Fashion Dolls at the Flea Market 
or Thrift Stores.
So I thought I would post a vintage doll
that I found. 
The Go-Go's
Deluxe Reading/Topper
6 1/2 inches tall 
On her head marked 
Deluxe Reading 1965
Check out her black eye and freckles. 
On the back of her carton it reads 
"So flexible you can twist them into 
101 poses"
There were 8 dolls in the series. 
Yeah Yeah 
Private Ida 
Slick Chick 
Hot Canary 
Cool Cat 
Brenda Brush 
Estate Sale find


  1. I have never seen/heard of them before. You always find some great finds.

  2. Thanks Georgia Girl, Some of the vintage dolls I find, the companies that made them were located here in New Jersey. Remco was located in Harrison, N.J. Topper/Deluxe Reading was located in Elizabeth. Mattel had a warehouse in Edison. In the 80's I remember before my girls were born going to the Mattel Warehouse when they were getting ready to leave N.J.and buying some Skipper outfits. When I first started collecting dolls, I was into Vintage dolls from the 50's. and wasn't going to collect Barbie's and other fashion dolls. Vintage dolls were getting harder to find. And on E-Bay were getting more expensive. Barbies started to creep into my collection. Lately I have been coming across more vintage dolls out in my travels at reasonable prices. And I do like the unusual dolls and the ones that are harder to find.

  3. Frannie I like this doll. It's so funny what we run across in our buying and looking for things. She's the perfect tomboy :O) I didn't know all those companies were right here on the east coast.

  4. Love the doll. Never heard of her. Would be interesting to see some of the others in that collection. Wow, I didn't know you had girls, too. So funny when you hear about doll people having real lives. I just found out that there is a Mattel somewhere here in Atlanta. I had no clue. My cousin put in for a job there styling doll hair. Unfortunately, she didn't get the job.

  5. Dollz4Moi, Thanks, Yes there were many doll companies here on the East Coast. Come to think of it, Dynasty Dolls, (porcelain dolls) was I believe in Carteret.
    One of my former co-workers called me to tell me of a store called "Amazing Savings" that has a whole aisle of Barbies. It's another closeout center. I have to go and check it out. Have you ever heard of it?

    Vanessa, Thanks, I do have Brenda Brush somewhere packed away. I bought her long ago. Yes, I do have two daughter and one son. The oldest (son) and my younger daughter are still with me. Sorry your cousin didn't get the job. You should look into if there is a warehouse in Atlanta (Maybe they will have a big sale :) )

  6. Frannie, Amazing Savings is a great store. I used to shop there regularly a few years ago. They closed most of them down and now the closest one is in NJ. I bought a lot of stuff there :O)