Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Another Doll Sale

Yes, there is another doll sale. 
Toy's R Us sale is starting tomorrow, Sunday,
October 2, 2011
Barbie Collector Dolls priced at 29.99 and up 
are Buy 1 Get 1 Free. 

Bratz Dolls are Buy 2 
Get the 3rd one free. 

Also the Victorious Singing Doll is priced 
at 19.99 

I may go and get Barbie as Sinatra and the Klimt Barbie from
the Museum Collection. 

Both I believe are articulated.
I wonder if I could use my 5.00 off coupon ?


  1. Oh Gosh! LOL I guess I will have to go see what thats all about LOL. I will be there bright and early :) after church that is :)

  2. Ooh, where did you see this sale? the tru website just has last week's flier up. I'm so excited, my birthday's coming up, I need to get myself something:D

  3. Where I live, they put the coupons and the fliers in the Saturday paper so I get to see what is going to be on sale the day before. Hope you can find something you want for your birthday! Enjoy!

  4. Frannie don't know if you went. The Sinatra & Elvis dolls are fully articulated. Klimt has articulated arms and the model muse posed legs. I did a body swap on my Klimt

  5. Whew. There is something to be said about reading blogs a day late. But that reminds me, Mattel On Line was having free shipping a few days ago. I was supposed to order my AA Architect doll. Gotta go!

  6. Thanks Dollz4Moi, No, I didn't get to go today, probably will stop tomorrow before I go to the Doctor's Office. I wasn't sure about the Klimt, I saw the arms, but didn't know about her legs. So I might just get Sinatra and Elvis.

    Vanessa, Hope you were able to get the Architect doll!

  7. Success. The free shipping was still going on. She is on her way. Just couldn't pass up that cute 3 story house with the elevator.

  8. Sniff ...

    Sniff, sniff ....

    Wwwwwwaaaaahhhhhh! Missed the TRU sale. Couldn't nab anything today anyway. Sigh. Wipe eyes.

    Thanks for sharing.

    BTW, is the Victorius Tori doll new? I have never seen her before.

    I have some serious purging to do before I can get new DAFs.

  9. @Vanessa, glad you were still able to get the free shipping. 3 story house, wish you lived closer, I had gone to a garage sale and someone was selling a 3 story wood doll house with an elevator for 20.00. I would have loved to get it but I have no where to put it.:(

    D7ana, TRU sale is all week. The Victorius doll is new. I haven't seen this one yet.