Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy Family Grandparents

Happy Family Grandparents
arrived in the mail yesterday. 
Sunshine Family Series 
Made in Taiwan
The grandfather is 9 1/2 inches tall, the grandmother is 9 inches.
Both have their original clothes.
E-Bay purchase.
My next quest is to find the Sunshine Family Grandparents
with original clothes at a reasonable price.


  1. Thanks, I really love the retro dolls!

  2. I have the Sunshine Family Grandparents - dusty and grandpa lost his lower legs - but I did NOT know that Mattel ever produced Happy Family Grandparents. Congratulations on this find!

    Do you recall the historical dolls that came out around that time? They had the Steve/Steffie/Hal/Hattie face molds only those dolls represented American historical figures like "Indian Maiden," "Colonial Girl," etc.

  3. D7ana,

    Yes, I have been trying to get a few on E-Bay to make my retro family. One was the pilgrim set,but was outbid at the last few seconds.
    I saw a vintage catalog ad that says there is also an Aunt and a cousin. She has red hair and so does the little cousin. Wears sort of a lime green flower dress. Would love to find her, but most likely she is hard to find.

  4. An Aunt?! She has to be rare; I never heard of her. (Hmmm ... that's becoming my new theme song, lol.)

    I remember there was a Sunshine Fun Family where Stevie got curly brown hair and there were two kiddies ... mostly because I have a paper doll set of them. Aside, I don't think curly hair suited Stevie. And I usually like curly hair. Digressing though ;-P

    I found my Star Spangled Dolls brochure and uploaded that on my site. Ny Indian Maiden and Sarah Jane dolls are in one of my dusty zones so I'd have to clean them off before they can make a photo appearance. Alas, they are not in pristine condition.

  5. There is a picture of a catalog page of the Aunt at the following website:

    Can't wait to see the photos of Sarah Jane and the Indian Maiden.

  6. Aren't these the Sunshine Grandparents? I have the Happy Family & Heart Family I need to check my grandparents

  7. Dollz4Moi, you are correct, the Happy Grandparents are part of the Sunshine family Series. There was Steve and Steffie Sunshine and the grandparents. And their friends Hal and Hattie Happy and the grandparents set. (Seems Mattel never gave the Grandparents names) Years later Mattel revived the Happy Family name in the Barbie Series.