Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Very Special Project

Ken and Barbie Fashionistas 
Mattel 2009
Made in China 
My older daughter KT is getting married in February, so I thought I would find a bride and groom 
doll to surprise her at her bridal shower. At first I thought I would buy an all ready made couple from E-Bay. But then had the idea of getting a Barbie and Ken doll and dress them up with a complete wardrobe. 
They had to be the right dolls. Chris has blond hair and KT is a brunette.  I knew I wanted the Fashionistas
Ken was easier to find then the brunette Barbie.
Now I am on the hunt for the wardrobe and a pair of glasses for Barbie.  I don't sew (I probably could, but there is a story behind why I don't) Will save that story for another day. KT's future mother-in-law has told me that KT said to her that I would probably do some crazy thing like this.  KT does not share my passion for dolls. (Neither does my younger daughter).
Any ideas on what to include with the Bride and Groom would greatly be appreciated.


  1. This is a very cute idea! I'm very excited for you. :)

    I'm thinking you could use a photo of the two together, a special photo, and try to recreate that scene using the dolls. Have the photo blown up or something, or fashion it into a greeting card and include it with the dolls like some sort of Barbie gift set.

    I think it would also be cute to include a miniature book for newly weds like Newlyweds for Dummies with something like "In case of emergency, CALL MOM" written on one page. I think it's a cute way of telling her that you'll still be there for them even if they already have each other to count on. :)

    I hope that helps.