Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Vintage 8 inch doll Clothes

On recent doll hunting trips I have been
finding a lot of vintage items.

During the 1950's there were many 8 inch dolls 
toy shelves. You could find Ginny from Vogue,
Ginger from Cosmopolitan, Pam from PMA,
Alexander-kins, Lollipop from Virga and most
likely a host of others.

This post will be about some of the clothes
I have found for the Vintage 8 inch doll.

My most recent acquisition was found
at the Thrift Store.

This outfit was found in the round box marked 
American Cellubox Corp

These were the items that were in the box. 
The red dress was the only piece labeled. 
"A Prissy Costume"
Trademark of Chello Corporation 

The next outfits I picked up at a Garage Sale. 

This is an outfit for the Ginger Doll by 
No label or tag 

Another with no label or tag

This dress has a label marked Vogue Dolls. 
Most likely for Ginny.

I now have to go look and see where my childhood Ginger Doll is.
She would look great in the red outfit for Christmas.

Ginger and I at a
summer playground
doll contest.


  1. Oh, what fun! :) (Why don't I find things like this??)

  2. Aunt Lou, It seems to me it comes in waves, lately I have been finding a lot more vintage items. And for years before that I found nothing,

  3. Hello from Spain: that luck that you found all that clothes so ideal. She is precious. Your and Ginger very cute. Fast what spends the time no? We follow in contact of blog blog

  4. Thanks Marta, Time does go by fast.

  5. Awww, look at you. Adorable. You have a Shirley Temple vibe going on. I love 8" dolls, so seeing these clothes were wonderful.

  6. What wonderful finds! I'm always on the look out for vintage baby doll type clothes but rarely, if ever, find them!

  7. Cindy's Dollz, Thanks, The outfit in the container was found at the Thrift Store. The other dresses were found at a garage sale that I wasn't going to stop at because I didn't see any toys but stopped anyway and found these clothes.

  8. Hey guys,

    Doll Clothes are demanded ever since they were made and I can hardly remember one that went out of fashion. These are highly popular and are in demand by doll throughout the World, which is always make you look more well off and sophisticated...