Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Miss Jamaica Reggae Queen 2000

It was raining today and wasn't planning
on going anywhere. 
Then I decided to go out, just to get 
out of the house. But where to go, 
I could either go to the library for 
information for my other blog or 
go shopping. 
The latter won out.  I first stopped 
at TRU's but they had nothing that 
I wanted.  Then it was off to the
Thrift Store. I found 2 dolls, one which
I am posting here. 
I walked out of the Thrift Store and was 
going to go home but then 
decided to go over to Big Lots just to 
see if there was anything new. 
Big mistake, Barbie Jean Basics were 
on sale for $10, 
They had the accessory packs for $8.00
3 or 4 different ones. 
Also the Barbie Wizard of Oz dolls 
were on sale for 20.00. 
Will post my finds in future posts.
My find at the Thrift Store today was:
Miss Jamaica Reggae Queen 2000 
11 1/2 inches tall 
She came with her red high heel shoes.
She has no markings on her head or body.
She came with this tag. 
Her name is 
Irie Dawta 
Rasta Queen 
Big Dread 
Any information on this doll 
would greatly be appreciated.
Thrift Store find.


  1. She's interesting. Her face mold is very similar to a doll my daughter had once--it had a jointed body and came on a working exercise bike.

    I also hit the Big Lots was a very nice surprise:D


    This is the doll my daughter had--the face mold seems very similar...just lighter.

  3. Bwaha! I love a challenge.

    apparently this doll was designed by someone named Beverly A. Robotham.

  4. Thanks for the Information Miss_Lola_77. She is a well made doll, not like the thin plastic dolls. She has a twist and turn waist. At first I thought she might have been an Olmec doll.

  5. She looks nice! I gotta find that big lots! I need some of those accessories! You should have called me :( lol

  6. Her face looks a lot like the one used by the Gloria/Betty Teen dolls.

  7. I like your Rasta Queen. I will hit the Big Lots, but luckily I don't need any more of the dolls. I got every one that I wanted when they first came out. I am missing one of the accessory packs.

  8. Chynadoll- This was a last minute decision. We can go Thursday or Friday if you are free. Let me know.

    Vanessa, Thanks, They had 4 different accessory packs. The one with the black jacket, the male accessory pack with the black shirt. The gold accessory pack with 6 prs of gold/brown shoes and gold top. The last is the black top with silver trim on front with 6 pairs of black/silver shoes.

  9. Ada, Thanks for the info. The doll looks so familiar.

  10. She's awesome ! I never find stuff like that at my Goodwill , just a bunch of beat-up Hannah Montana dolls.

  11. Adventures..I have seen those Hannah Montana too and many blonde Barbies. The Thrift Store I go to has a lot of dolls depending when I go and they are not picked over.

  12. Dude, every parent in a 10 mile radius must have bought their kid the Hannah Montana doll and then gave it to goodwill--I find at LEAST one every time I go to the thrift stores (about once a week). Those suckers are everywhere.