Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Oh No, Another Sale

Toy's R Us had a big sale today. 
Sale is also tomorrow
Saw it in a flyer and on a commercial. 
On my way doing errands today,
I decided I was going to stop 
and see what they had. 
Single doll Bratz were on sale 50% off 
The 19.99 Bratz were Buy one get 50% off another. 
Moxie dolls were 50% off
On the commercial they showed Monster High Dolls
but there were none to be found. 
Barbie was 20% off. 
What caught my eye was something that 
I wanted to buy but not at full price.
Liv Dolls and Liv Playsets were 50% off.
And they had a lot of LIV items left. 
I purchased 
Hayden & House 
Spin Master
Comes with Hayden.
A bed, pillow and sheet. 
And 10 other small accessories.
Original Price - 44.99 
I paid 19.84. (with TRU 5.00 coupon)
They took 2.65 off  the house and 
the rest off my other purchase. 
Made in China
Toy's R Us find
(By the way TRU's now is open 24 hours until Christmas Eve)


  1. You got a great deal!
    Her dress is super cute.

  2. Thanks Aubrey, I wanted to buy the set for awhile now, but so happy I waited!

  3. Good deal Frannie. I want the spa set, but I am in for the evening, so maybe it will be there tomorrow. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks Georgia Girl, Hope you are able to find the Spa Set.

  5. Hello from Spain: what luck and that cheap everything by your city. The house of the LIV enchants to me. Furniture brings much. If the encounter in Spain I will buy it to me fixed. Enhorabuena by your purchases and we followed in contact of blog blog

  6. Thanks Marta, Sometimes it pays to wait for a doll or playset to go on sale.