Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


With all the posts on the Stardolls, 
today I thought I would stop and see
if my Toy's R Us had them. 
When I got there, found them on a bottom 
shelf in the Barbie Aisle. 
They had most of them but the one in the 
yellow top was not there. 
I decided to buy the following two

I picked up the Asian Stardoll 
(Called Style4 on the TRU's website) 
because of William's Post.

Kind of Goth looking. 
(Called Style 3 on TRU's website) 

Made in China 

Not articulated :( 

Close-up of faces 

Style 4 
(Sorry for the bad picture, lines from 
the plastic box)

Price 19.99
Toy's R Us find.


  1. Cool! Im going to TRU tomorrow. Looking for the AA one. They look cute!

  2. Chynadoll, They had the AA one at the TRU where we went. I was going to buy her today so I could get the free Barbie Case, but they had no more cases. So I thought I would wait and get her the next time I go.

  3. I checked my TRU and they have not arrived yet. I did see one at a Doll Show that I went to a couple of weeks ago and she was rebodied. I love that they have eyelashes.

  4. Thanks for sharing, Frannie! Love to see these dolls in collectors' photos.

  5. Georgia Girl, They most likely got to the TRU by my area in the past few days. When I had gone there Saturday they weren't there.

    Thanks D7ana. Wish they came already articulated.

  6. Well, they have some really cool clothes. I love the purple jacket!

  7. Limbedolls, One of the reasons I bought these two are the neat clothes!

  8. Do they look like they could be rebodied onto a jointed barbie body? The non-poseabiity is a real shame!

  9. Hello from Spain: that your luck and Stardolls. I love all the models. Congratulations on your purchase. We remain in a contect blog Blog

  10. Hi, I came across your site and wasn’t able to get an email address to contact you. Would you please consider adding a link to my website on your page. Please email me.


    Joel Houston

  11. Hippolyta, I have seen some Stardolls that have been rebodied. See the following post

  12. Marta, Thanks, All the Stardolls are very beautiful.

  13. Joel, Leave a comment with the address to your website. Is your website about dolls?

  14. I've heard the Monster High ghouls can wear Stardolls' shoes. Have you tried that yet ? Hope you enjoy your two, and that you find the yellow blouse one if you're still looking !

  15. Thanks for the information DorrieBelle. I haven't tried it yet. My newest project is to see if the Monster High Gals and Guys can wear some of the Bratz Clothing. I went to another TRU's today but still haven't seen the Stardoll with the yellow blouse. Strange.