Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Monster In Bratz Clothing

Presently there are not a lot of extra
clothing choices for The Monster High Dolls.
Sometimes to get a new outfit (especially if
you don't sew like me) is to buy another MH doll
in a different series. 
I thought about it.  Why not try some of
the Bratz clothes on the Monster High Dolls. 
Here we have Cleo looking for a dress for 
the MH Holiday Bash. 
She asked her friend Laura to come help 
her pick one out.
They went to a new store in town called 3B's
(Bratz Better Buy) 
First Cleo tried on a Punk Black Dress

Then a short silver one. 
How about this green number? 

or this red one? 
Last she tried on this Silver gown. 
Cleo couldn't decide, so she took them
all to put in her closet. She will decide
what to wear when the time comes.

If you want more clothes for your 
Monster High Dolls.  Go to a local
flea market, Thrift store or yard sale and look for some
Bratz Clothing.  

Cleo is going to need some new shoes? 
Any ideas? 


  1. Cute dio. My MH is not lucky like yours. She has the one outfit that she came in. Lol!o Great info, thanks for sharing though.

  2. Thanks Georgia Girl. All of the Bratz clothes I either got at the Thrift Store, Flea Market or garage sales. Much cheaper that way.

  3. Cute scene. Your Cleo is much nicer than my Garoul sisters. She went to the store and paid for her new outfits. My Garoul sisters shake down Bratz with clothes they admire and take whatever fits!

    By the way my Monster High dolls can also wear some outfits that were produced for various child dolls. I haven't solved the shoe issue, though.

  4. Nice to see them in these outfits. I think that they look better in them that Bratz dolls do!

  5. Thanks LimbeDoll, The shoes are going to be the hard part.

    Ms.Leo, Thanks, I also think the MH Dolls look better in the Bratz Clothing then they do. Just got to solve the shoe problem.

  6. Hello from Spain: I have the same problem as you. Do not know how to sew and get new clothes sometimes buy a new doll that is wearing it. I love the red dress and the diorama of the store. Very real. We remain in contact blog blog

  7. Love your little story. She looks great in all of them. You know I am a big fan of the Bratz clothes.

  8. Thanks Marta, When you don't sew you have to buy. That is why I look at the Thrift Store, etc. when I can get a lot more clothes much cheaper than one outfit in the Toy Store.

    Thanks Vanessa, I have been finding a lot of Bratz clothing lately.

  9. Really cute! Love your story. The Bratz clothing is looks good on them! Love those thrift store finds!

  10. Chynadoll, Thanks, I am staying away from any long sleeve items since they are a pain to try and get on the dolls.