Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Friday, November 4, 2011


Thought I would post one of the vintage 
dolls that I recently found. 
Haven't been finding too many dolls lately.
But tomorrow is another day, 
two flea markets, the thrift store, 
an estate sale, and maybe Toy's R Us.

8 inches tall 
She is articulated. 
Original outfit, missing white belt and shoes. 
Gave her some white sneakers
Marked on head
Mego 1972 
Marked on back
Mego Corp. 
MCMLXXII (1972) 

Made in Hong Kong 
Garage Sale find.

If you want to know more
about Dinah-Mite
Check out this site
Mego Museum - Dinah -Mite


  1. I remember those dolls. Sadly, my sister and I had martching jumpsuits just like Dyna's!

  2. I really like Dinah-mite since she is articulated.

  3. I have the Dinah-mite bike, and I think it still works. Just need to find new batteries for it.

    I didn't like articulated dolls when I was young so my Dinah-mite bike went to my Baggie Francie. Then, I disliked the breaks and the jointed bodies - reminded me of Frankenstein's monster. Yes, it was an awkward fit because that Francie hsd straight legs. Still, she got the bike. Shrug.

    Today, I tolerate and appreciate the jointed bodied dolls.